How to improve Education in Villages of India

This is very important question for India. Today City places are being well educated but villages educational position is still a question mark so not only Government we are also responsible lot of Villagiers is in city they educate himself and stay at city so they know very well what is position of  his village. There is no required facility to study. Old schools is running on only one or two teachers. People are not ableto provide well facility for his child.

So finance problem also so our responsibility to do some thing and some NGO are working for that also but not only that is enough to create good facility for study.

Today market is for computer so they need computer facility also not only book is enough to study so Government should take some action to provide computing environment in village second problem is light problem . Lot of village getting only 10 hours light and 14 hours they did not get light reason is only there is no meter facility at any home so wasting of light is more so Government should take legal action for them and provide meter facility to charge them and search wasting of light and remover light wastage.

Villagiers are also responsible for all so everyone need to take care and be responsible for our country.

Today in villages most of person need light in night and mostly there is no light so nothing they can do any thing extra in night so light at night is required anyway

In city every student goes with dress but in villages there is no dress in lot of school because they can not afford more money for dress, books computer etc.

At least required things should be provided in villages to improve education in schools.

Other problem is like food, travelling etc. If school is in very distance then there is no auto facility to go school most student go by by-cycle .

So lot of other many issue is in villages so how can education improve in villages there is big question mark till date.



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