The movie from  is  from Yash Raj Films, written and directed by Habib Faisal who was most popular as a writer for Band Baaja Baarat and director of Do Dooni Chaar.  Starring a star son Arjun Kapoor (son of Boney kapoor and Mona Kapoor) and a star sibling Parineeti Chopra (Cousin of Priyanka Chopra) the film has no less expectations. Set to release on May 11, 2012 the films music has already hit the stores. So can we  grab a copy or do we need to skip this.Let's find out.

Album: Ishaqzaade

Music Director:Amit Trivedi

Amit Trivedi is fast becoming  a name that needs no introduction. From winning critical acclaim and a national award for Dev D to winning Best song of the year for Ik Tara in Wake Up Sid , Amit has proven that he has support from both quarters , a rarety except for AR Rahman. To win a national award when in contention was Ar Rahman is no ordinary feat. Amit is not only game for serious cinema. He has given music for chick flicks like Aisha and Ek Main Aur Ek Tu.

1. "Ishaqzaade"   Javed Ali, Shreya Ghoshal 5:18
2. "Chokra Jawaan"  Vishal Dadlani, Sunidhi Chauhan 5:11
3. "Pareshaan"   Shalmali Kholgade 4:53
4. "Jhalla Walla"   Shreya Ghoshal 5:53
5. "Aafaton ke Parinde"   Suraj Jagan, Divya Kumar 3:24
6. "Pareshaan (remix)"   Shalmali Kholgade(Remix by Abhijit Vaghani) 4:31
7. "Jhalla Walla (remix)"   Shreya Ghoshal (Remix by Abhijit Vaghani) 4:00

The track sung by   Javed Ali, Shreya Ghoshal is a melody song . The song is catchy and Javed does not disappoint. Shreya does not have much to do until the second part of the song. Hence the song belongs to Javed. Though it is good, it is a love melody and not Javed's best
Verdict: Good(4stars)

Chokra Jawaan:
The Sheila ki Jawani combo of singers is back for this item song under the helm of Amit Trivedi this time. Sung by  Vishal Dadlani and Sunidhi Chauhan who seem to enjoy the song equally. Vishal seems even better in this song. The song is sure to be a chartbuster if the film clicks in the audience.
Verdict: Good(3stars)

Here comes the star performer of the album. It is a sure chartbuster that will be played continuously in  every shopping mall. The song is an instant hit and is sung by Shalmali Kholgade a first timmer who has a whole range of confident voice. It is confusing to decide if its the music or the singer that have made the song an instant hit. The song combines rock music with harmonium music . It is like the mix of 1970s and 2000s. The song accentuates Parineeti's performance in picturisation. Shalmali's voice is like Parineeti's exact match.Don't miss this.
Verdict: Superhit(5 stars)

Jhalla Walla
The song is sung by Shreya who surprises us with a different tone. It is hard to recognize as it is not Shreya's regular song. The song is like an item song in places a mujra in places and a regular song in places. It is a modern adaptation of qawali genre with only one singer
Verdict: Good(3stars)

Aafaton ke Parinde
Our favorite singer of "Give Me Some Sunshine" for the film 3 Idiots and "Sadka Kiya" from the  I Hate Luv Storys is back. The song is from the genre that belongs to Sukhwinder Singh. But Suraj has given his best and does not disappoint us. The song is refreshing and is the first song to be released along with the trailers.
Verdict: Hit(4stars)

Pareshaan (remix)

The less said is the better about this remix. The album's feel is destroyed by this song that I want to exclude this song from my playlist. It adds nothing to the album
Verdict:Passable (Skip)

Jhalla Walla (remix) 
This remix is a better one and does make a totally different song of the original. Like I said the original is like a mujra and a qawali with a regular song. This song is more like the Bombay Vikings songs. It sounds modern and is the urban version of "Jhalla Walla"

Overall Verdict: Hit ( 4 stars out of 5)

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