The Piano is well known western musical instrument playing with pleasant hormonal sounds which can easily hit the souls. generally very expensive instrument, sally used for the solo performance and composing.


Piano is the first string instruments, working by pressing the keys which causes the felt over bolted with a hammer it strikes the steel strings at the subjected frequency. The principle is the Persian origin  which is called as SANTOOR.


The word Piano is the short form of PIANOFORTE. which is derived from the Italian language. the development of Piano making is started in 18th century. in the period of MOZART the tonal ranges are modified modern piano's are 2 types 1.Grand piano 2. upright piano.

In grand piano the strings and the frame is horizontal, which is away from the keys. Upright pianos are said to be vertical one, they are very compact too.


Generally in piano's there are 3 pedals At the bottom


those are ..

pedal 1:UNA CORDA (soft)

pedal 2:SOSTENTUTO (practice)

pedal 3:SUSTAINING pedal


the vast numbers of piano makers in the world is Chinese.

have a relax with good piano music by

Beethoven and Mozart’s to heal your pressure.

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