Let the prices go up............


Can you recognise what is being seen in the above picture?
This is a picture that I clicked at a vegetable and fruit market one day. These packets are having Garlic, apples, tomatoes, onions, brinjals and are kept on the floor for sale. I was surprised to see this scene and asked the seller, what is this man? are you selling or buying vegetables?

The seller smiled and said, of course I am selling. Because of the increasing rates of vegetables, the Indian middle class is trying its own fundamentals of economics. The rate has increased so they have decreased the demand and since we don't have the option to slash rates, now we are cutting down the supply.

Previously I used to sell onino at the rate of ten rupees per kilogram now I am selling it at the rate of ten rupees per piece.

My economy is stable as I am able to sustain my earnings this way and the economy of Indian middle class is also stable, they are spending inside their budgetary limits. They were spending ten rupees on onion in the past and now also not crossing the limits. Let the prices go up, it doesn't matter.

So no worries, we are waiting for the good times to come and tackling our problems with whatever means we have and we can.


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