India is country where people believe in one is to one relationship. We, Indians believe in holistic love more than in physical love. Love is divine. Love is faith and love is belief. God respects and help people who love each other by heart and soul. Ancient history and puranas has depicted many such incidents of past which proves greatness of India in love. However, their are many people who get themselves married twice. Marrying more than once is shameful deed. In some cases, such incidents just happens. When first wife comes to know about her husband's second marriage, she goes out of control . This creates lots of problems, quarrels and disturbances in house. House becomes a battle field. Just for them, I have some ideas and tricks to manage their wives from quarreling.

You can very well avoid quarrel between two wives in following ways :-

1. Both wives should be a working women. One should work in night shift and another should work in day shift.

2. You should have your own vehicle which will help you a lot. In Sundays, you can quietly take your wife (working in day shift) for long drive.

3. Both should be from different family background. If possible from different countries. You can send one of them to their father's house.

4. Both should have different mother tongue. They should not know each other's language.

5. Both wives should stay in different houses.

6. Try your level best to keep both wives away from each other. They should not see each other's face.

7. Make both of them busy with some different but serious responsibilities.

8. Make both of them happy by presenting same gifts if both are staying together.

9. Divide your salary into two equal half and give it to your wives.

10. Avoid your in-laws to interfere in your married life. Live away from your relatives, etc.

There are many more ideas first try out these. The best idea is to marry one woman and be happy. Otherwise, don't marry.

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