Hi friends in this article let us discuss about one of the Kamalhassan best action movie, "Kuruthipunal".This is an action packed movie and the standar of the movie is very high,It has no songs and the full movie is action packed with both the heroes KamalHassan and Arjun doing a splendid job.


Apart from this Nassar also domne a god job and his role in this film is the role of a terrorist.Kamal took lot of risk in this film and to be specific about one scene he crosses the railway track when the rail approaches very close and it was really dangerous,i guess those would have watched the film could have easily realized.

Technical Crew

i)The film was directed by P.C. Sriram and he was also the cinematographer for this film

ii)This film is actually the reamake of the film called Drohkaal, and the story was written by Govind Nihalani.

iii)This film was produced by Raajkamal Films International( i.e, by Kamal Haasan and Charuhasan )

iv)Music for this film was composed by Mahesh Mahadevan

v)This film was released in the year 1995

vi)Theis film was made simultaneously in Telugu as Drohi

vii)The gross revenue of this film is about 5 crores

viii)The film was was featured at the International Film Festival Rotterdam as part of a retrospective to Kamal Haasan under the category called as the "Director in Focus" .

Artists and their cast

i)Kamalhassan as S. Adinarayanan

ii)Arjun as Abbas

iii)Nassar as Badri

iv)K.Vishwanath as Srinivasan and also as Chinnaswamiji

v)Gouthami as Sumitra, Wife of Aditnarayanan

vi)Geetha as Zeenath, wife of Abbas

vii)Subhalekha Sudhakar as Suri

About the film

Adhi Narayanan (Kamal Hassan) and Abbas (Arjun) are two sincere polic officers.To catch the terrorist Abbas uses two ofificers called as Anand and Shiva, who were vigilance officers,and he name the opertation as"Operation Dhanush".


This operation's aim is to catch the terror group leader Badri(Nassar) and they will do so by just get mingling in that group to mingle with a terror group headed by Badri (Nasser) and as a part of this operation those two will send will update the movements of the group by sending the information to Abbas.

During one night Adhi arrest a terrorist, i.e Badri but he doesn't knew that he was the head of the terror group he was searching for and he starts the investigation and asks lots of questions to Badri and a psychological battles goes between them.

But Badri was cool and from inside the jai he was able to threatens Adhi's family as he had lot of friends in that Police Headquarters itself.Badri however escapes and joins his group and there he finds one of the member was a vigilance office and before getting any information that officer commits suicide.

While film moves on like this Abbas was kidnapped by Badri and was tortured to say the other officers named and eventually Abbas was killed by Badri.



Adhi also get caught and he was also tortured and during that time he manage to kill Badri and he asks the the officer he sent to mingle in the group to kill him and make others in that group believe that he was also a member and also asks him to keep on update the information about the terror group till they could find the main person.


The film ends when medal was distributed to the wife of Abbas and Adhi and during that time the son of Badri comes and he teases Adhi's son and as a reply Aadhi's chases him by saying that he would kill him.....That's how the story ends... sorry it is starting again....

The IMDB rating for this movie is 9 out of 10

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