Hi friends in this article am going to tell about the story of the tamil movie Aarilirunthu Arubathu Varai which i saw yesterday.This movie is directed by S.P.Muthuraman one of the popular director in tamil film industry. The movie was released in 1979 with Rajinikanth and Jayalakshmi in the female lead and Cho Ramaswamy as the friend of Rajini. The movie is a full family oriented subject which reflects the life of Santhanam (Rajinikanth) starting from his childhood age to his older age.As the movie name suggests that is (From six till sixty) meaning in english tells the story of a young boy from his sixth age till his sixtieth age.



Now let's see the technical crew of the film. The movie is directed by S.P.Muthuraman, music by the famous legend Ilayaraja produced by Meena under the banner P.A.Art Productions.The cast has Cho Ramaswamy, Jayalakshmi, Hilak, Sangeetha, Thangai Seenivasan, Mallika , Jaya and T.K.Bakavathi.

The movie starts with Santhanam who lost his father and being the eldest son in the family which has two younger brothers, younger sister and their mother.Being a poor family Santhanam has to do all the earnings for their daily bread.Santhanam goes to the press office where is father worked and asks for help.The M.D gives him 1000 rupees but Santhanam asks for a job rather than getting money as help.Being impressed bu the six year old boy the M.D assigns him as a office boy.In the free time he earns money by doing various small jobs like selling paper, milk and other small jobs.With the advice of the M.D he learns the printing which will be of help. After losing his mother, Santhanam takes the full responsibility of bringing up his 2 brothers and sister's life.



Santhanam spends all his earnings for the betterment of his brothers and sister for their books,college fees etc.In the office Jaya fells in love with Santhanam. Love starts between them and goes upto marriage.Jaya considering that santhanam is from a poor family marries a wealthy man.Santhanam comes to know that her sister is in love and he arranges for her marriage.Sathanam borrows money from his M.D and his friend(Cho), but the money is insufficient.At that time in the office the Cashier tells him to marry a girl whose family will give Rs5000 for their marriage.Without thinking anything he accepts for the marriage.After the marriage in his house he asks for the cash to his wife(Jayalakshmi).She tells that his father dint give any money for the marriage.Santhanam on hearing this gets frustrated and asks to the cashier about it, he simply tells him that they cheated.After that he somehow arranges the cash and the marriage of her sister takes place.



After a few weeks his brother Raghu tells that he got a job and he needed money for that.Santhanam asks cho for money and his brother leaves the house to work in the city.Days passed and Raghu sends letter to his younger brother that he has arranged for a job for him and asked him to come and he also leaves the house.

In the meanwhile the M.D of the press gets ill and his son takes control over the press.On seeing the records he comes to know that Santhanam has got lot of money from his father and takes Santhanam out of the job.Jobless Santhanam gets money from his friend for allmost everything.At a stage he begins to sell all the things in the house for feeding his wife and his son. His brother Raghu marries a girl and he comes to see his brother and he his suprised to see their living and gives Santhanam a cheque of 10000, but he refuses to get it.



At last he sells his house and moves into a slum. There he starts to write stories for a magazine in order to earn money. In the meanwhile he loses his wife in a fire accident.Santhanam gradually becomes popular through his  stories and becomes rich. Santhanam turns as a famous story writer.In the climax his two brothers and his sister comes and joins with him.Santhanam thinks of his past life and dies at the end.


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