Televisions ads - Its Crazy Know? When the television was first introduced in India, the programmes were rather monotonous but what made them interesting were the various ads. These also made the people aware of the various products existing in the markets. Not only did the people became aware of the products but the producers also became aware of the importance of advertisements and from then-on advertisements have gained tremendous importance. Today one is aware of a certain kind of a race, a competition among the producers to advertise their products. The advertising company will go to any length to capture the attention of the viewers and in order to do so one will come out with some crazy ads. For example in the 'Thums-up' ad, Cine-star Akshay Kumar jumps on a truck full of Thums-up bottles and the truck crashes into a wall. Now just suppose some crazy fans imitating Akshay Kumar jump on moving truck could easily break most of their bones. We have also seen the crazy ad os 'Thums-up' where model jumps from a height, picks a bottle of Thums-up and is pulled back. This as actually lead to the death of a small child, so that it becomes necessary to issue warning notes before showing such crazy ads. Another example is the Akai Home Theatre ad. In this ad a man whose wife has gone to her mother's house invites a beautiful girl to watch a film together. Now don't you think this gives an idea to husbands to be unloyal to their wives in their absence? We should have T.V. ads but we should keep in mind our Indian culture and if the advertisements are full of humour mixed with sensibility then they will really add colour to our lives and will help us to relax and smile and enjoy viewing 'ads' on T.V.

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