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Mayank see a few guys standing out of the Men’s loo laughing.. When they see him they leave.. Mayank is about to leave when he hets someone asking for help.. He enters the bathroom and he asks what is Nupur doing in the Mens loo.. Nupur is still worried and asks him to just open the door and not ask questions.. Mayank says the door is open and push from the inside because it is jammed... Nupur pushes the door and Mayank is pulling the door.. ..

. Mayank scenes

The door suddenly opens and Nupur falls into Mayank's arm..They are basically hugging but Nupur has her hands on her face.. They let go and they stare at each other.. Nupur cries and leaves the bathroom while Mayank tries to say something...(Scene was sooo Cute.. luved it...)...

When they leave the bathroom a few guys are standing outside and laughing they leave when they see Mayank.. Scene shifts to Gunjan and Sam..Everyone is laughing at Gunjan and Dia comes from behind she gives Sama thumbs up..And teh she tells everyone to stop bothering her sister.. and Gunjan leaves with Dia Gunjan throws the flowers on the floor.. and then Sam calls out to Gunjan and says "Hey Babes.. Byoura mat mano Mazaak tha yaar"... Nupur enters the class and is about to sit down but Uday cuts her off and sits there.. Uday says oh sorry... were you going to sit there.. Nupur says its o.k. she will sit somewhere else.. Nupur walks and Uday trips her....

Nupur is about to fall but Mayank catches her (they have a beautiful eye lock) everyone starts laughing and Mayank says Girna # 2 "Ayour Kitni baar kirigi Aap"(hai yaar my favorite line)..Nupur looks puzzled.. And says "Dekhiye Tameez se baat Kiyjye Aap" and asks him to leave her..

Mayank says usually people say Thank You, when someone helps them.. and i have no interest in saving girls form Mens loo.Nupur explains how its her first day and her first class and she didn't know anything.. Student yells the teacher is here and everyone runs to their seats. and Nupur sits next to Mayank....

A student throws paper airplanes at the professor and Nupur is blamed.. Professor tells Nupur this is her last warning and this better not happen again.. Scene shifts to Gunjan's classroom.. She enters the room and everyone calls germ Bhenji..Dia pretends to be nice and asks Gunjan to ignore them..Gunjan takes a seat and Samrat comes and sits next to her..Samrat tells Gunjan don't look for him on the table I’m sitting right next to you.. he also says your not looking at me like I’m some kind of ghost.. Teacher enters the room and students tease the teacher...Teacher says i will say your name and you present yourself..Gunjan's pen falls down and Samr picks it up and plays around with her..The table scene showed in the promo..Attendence is still going on..Prof. yells at Gunjan's name 3 times and Gunjan gets up and says present.. Prof and kids make fun of her and she sits back down.. She is about to cry.. Sam looks at her and feels sorry...Back to Nupur's class. Professor announces they have a project and the list of partners names are here..Everyone runs to the list....

Mayank is about to leave and sees Nupur worried..Mayank looks at Nupur and says its ohk yoyour new in college this happens with everyone.. Nupur gets up and says What happens huh..i didn't even do anything..and i got blamed...and now this project..do you know anything about this project..it won't be that difficult right?...i wanted to say..arre main tumse baat kar rahi hoo.. Mayank is about to walk away and says Why don't you give someone else a chance to talk..Nupur says i don't understand what your problem is..Mayank says Meri problem...tumhari problem kya hai.. I you talk like this then we will have to gift ear buds to your project partner..Nupur says.. Yuo don't worry about my partner...worry about your own partner..and goes to the list.. she sees her name.. and says "Mayank Sharma"Mayank hears his name and looks shocked..she comes back to Mayank.. and asks.. "Tum kisi Mayank Sharama Ko Jaante Hai".. Mayank takes out ear buds and puts it in his ear..and points to himself..Nupur says Haye Bhagwan..aaje mera din hi khrab hai..Mayank says.. Ab Mera bhi Hai...Mayank gets his stuff and leaves (sooo cute I loved this scene....

Gunjan and Nupur meet in the hallway...Gunjan asks Nupur why is everyone making fun of us..?and they discuss what happened to them the entire day...Gunjan sayz there is a limit of pranks. Nupur goes to dia for help(like that’s going to happen) Nupur suggest they tell eeverything to their father.. Gunjan refuses..and Dia said see how smart she is.. Nupur says these small pranks go on in college..and Gunjan says but its getting to much with us.. dia tell Gun your that you guys are different and you guys talk differently to..Dia tells Nupur to do something that everyone will say Nupur is your babe..Dia leaves..and Uday follows her..Gunjan walks over to Nupur and asks her what are you thinking.. Nupur says that Dia was right we have to do something that everyone will be shocked Sorry Guys couldn't catch the Pre-cap

30 sep update star..6th epi..

Gunjan is standing behind a closed door..Inside are Nupur and Dia they are giving Nupur a make-over. Gunjan says please hurry up we are getting late. Uday comes and say are they still inside wait i will try. He says Di hurry up we are getting late for school. Dia says shut up Dodo. Nupur says thanks Dia for helping me in morena sab ki dilomen raaj karti thi now i will do the same in college. Dia comes outside and then Nupur comes and Uday looks really shocked and says to Uday..When i was young i saw a booth movie and i just remember the heroine of that movie. Nupur ask what happened don’t i look nice. Dia says you are looking perfect but you eye make-up can be a bit better you take your time we go and then you 2 come in other car.. Nupur ask gunjan am i looking nice?? Gunjan says theek hai. ....

Smarat is in the canteen the some friends of him and then Uday and Dia come while laughing .they say ask what is coming..and then they show Nupur and Gunjan ..Nupur is wearing really weird clothes. Gunjan says i think there is something wrong looks like tora zada hogaya. Nupur says i am looking good that why everyone is starring. Gunjan says i think you should change your dress. Nupur says what are you saying..Clothes make a huge difference everyone’s opinion will change. Gunur enter canteen and everyone look really shocked. Nupur ask one badham doodh from canteen wala he says that they don’t have badhaam doodh..Nupur says what is this for kind canteen ok one kesar dhoodh..he says nobody drink that. Nupur says i drink it!. He says if you don’t mind i want to says something to you. You are looking really beautiful. Nupur says you see gunjan now we will become a part of this college. Gunjan says yes i saw it but i think it become a bit to much. Gunjan says ghair I’m going to my class tum bhi apne class jao....

Gunjan goes to her class en Nupur to Dia. One of the guys from Dias gang ask mujhe dossti karogi adn they s shake hands and he acts like he gets a electric shock. Nupur goes to her class. Smarat says I think it’s enough you guys don’t get bored?. Dia says your bhavesh role ended now tum hamara saath nahi doghe kya...

Gunjan is sitting in the class and then Samrat comes after him Dia comes and say let spend some time together and sammy says cool after you, and sits next to Dia...

Nupur enters her class..There is not another place so she has to sit next to mayank. She goes to him and asks how am i looking?? he don’t answer so she ask it again. Mayank says excuse me do i know you?... Nupur says tum chopi theek thai you can’t talk normal. Myank says in this cool there are kam logh who talks seedhi adn seedhi baath samajhne wala use bhi kamTumhare anese ek aur list mein add ho gaya and tum itni insist kar rahi hoon tho mein tumhe batadoe actually i didnt knew ke college mein aaj fancy dress competition hai itherwise mein hi.9dont know what he said..)..banke atha. Nupur says is this a new tareeka of compliment?

Update Complete...

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