With rising awareness about personal fitness and also increase in life expectancy, there are more and more people seen early in the mornings either jogging or walking to keep fit. Walking is an exercise that is ideal for all age groups and also for many people riddled with illnesses and therefore unable to do any other kind of exercise. Walking amongst senior citizens is also a way of connecting with old friends early in the morning and spending time together.

In almost all towns and cities, there are specially built parks with tracks for jogging and walking. Some prefer to visit these parks and some prefer to walk in the outskirts of the city where there are wooded and hilly areas. Pune city is one such place where there are many hills within the city and around the city where wooded parks are created. Quite a large number of senior citizens frequent these places for their morning walks. Sadly, there have been a number of unpleasant incidents where looting occurred in such areas. So being conscious and cautious about personal safety is of utmost importance.

Following are some tips that need to be followed while you walk for a refreshing dose of energy in the mornings:

Get a Partner

If you are walking in a park that is frequented by many regulars, there is no need for any partner. But if you are walking in secluded areas where not may people visit, try not to go alone. Find safety in numbers. If on a particular day, you are unable to find someone to accompany you, skip the area and walk on roads with some traffic.

Make Friends But Be Cautious

morningwalkMany people make friends with each other during the course of their walking sessions. It is a good thing indeed but be wary and do not disclose most of your personal things. Especially, your financial status must not be discussed with any such people you meet only while walking. Unless and until you actually start visiting their homes and get a feel of what exactly they are like, never divulge any personal and family affairs to them. You never know when they may be used to take advantage of you. Keep the conversation casual and healthy, discuss day to day worldly affairs, sports, politics etc. but never your family affairs and certainly not the family disputes. No one likes to start their day listening to other people's woes.

Do Not carry Valuables

It is early morning and no one wants to look decked up. If you are in the habit of wearing gold chains, lockets, necklaces, rings etc. take them all off except maybe one or two items that are extremely necessary, like mangalsutra etc. But make sure they are simple and small and not very flashy or big enough to attract undue attention. Do not wear expensive watches or carry a blackberry or other smart phones. Mobiles are a must but do not carry an excessively expensive model or even if you do, do not flash it around often, keep it pocketed always.

As for cash, carry only a reasonable amount that will be required in an emergency such as catching as the fare for catching an auto, or for buying a few things you need on the way home etc. but certainly not wads of money in your wallet.

Carry An Identity Card

Always carry an identity card with you at all times, preferably one with your photograph, such as pancard, Senior Citizens Card or the Aadhar Card (UID Card) that many now have.

If you are suffering from any specific illnesses such as diabetes, Alzheimer's etc. be sure to mention it on a piece of paper along with your home address and an emergency contact number on your person. If something happens, your blood pressure drops and you faint, this information will help others to take immediate measures to revive you. Among many seniors, there may be episodes of amnesia, many have known to forget where they live or who they are when away from homes, so your address and contact information will enable others to reach out to your family members and get you home.

Keep Your Family Informed

Keep your family always aware of where you are going to walk and with whom. If there is a change in your routine, be sure to inform your family about it. If you have met someone with whom you go for a walk, be sure to get his or her number and give it to your family members. In case they are unable to reach you, they can contact and get information from that person.

Stay Hydrated

Carry a bottle of water always when you head out for your walks. Also, carry some little snacks to eat should you happen to feel faint. Especially, people with diabetes should carry a packet of sugar cubes or chocolates or toffees, etc. in case the blood sugar spikes down.

So enjoy your morning walks but be sure to follow the tips and you will be happy and safe and fine!!

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