Everyone takes care of their health that may be more or less. Especially people take much care to look good. They try to get more energy by having the food which is very strength. They take a lot of care of every organ in their body. Same importance they give to the hair. But people won’t show much interest in taking care of teeth which should keep clean.If the teeth are not protected with proper cleaning then the digestive system will get affected. So, it is good to know about the problems occurs due to the negligence in taking care of teeth. Everyone should take care of their teeth how much they take care of their heart and lungs.

Some people when they laugh or talk their mouth smells. There may be many reasons like improper brushing, suffering from gum problems, the occurrence of scratches on the teeth, and many more reasons causes’ mouth smelling problem. If you want your teeth to shine and your mouth not to smell then you have to take a lot of care about your teeth.

We have brushed  our teeth twice in a day so that smelling of mouth will go and the food material which is stuck between teeth will go away. Therefore, our teeth will be healthy and white in color. People try a lot to make their white. So use different kinds of medicines and natural remedies. We can clean our teeth with natural things like salt, neem stick, lime juice and mustard oil so that our mouth will stop smelling. 

Now a day’s person is eating few things which spoil their teeth and changes the teeth color to yellow in color. Then this even leads to mouth smelling problem. Especially the food material which stick and stuck to the teeth will soon get spoiled. But while having such food which spoils your teeth then we cannot brush every time when we have them. So it is better to avoid outside food. Let us know about such food in detail which spoils our teeth.

  1. Cheese: Cheese is a dairy product and it is used in the cooking normally for the better taste. By seeing cheese, our mouth starts watering. But it easily stuck between our teeth and cause smelling. So It is good to avoid consuming dairy products.
  2. Chocolates: Everyone loves chocolates. Dark chocolate is very good for heart. But due to consumption of sweets there is a chance of getting more bacteria in our teeth which may spoil our teeth. So It is good avoiding eating chocolates regularly. If you want to have sweets regularly then brush your teeth after having them.
  3. Pop Corn: When we see popcorn, our mouth starts watering and we feel like purchasing immediately then have it. Especially we have popcorn with more interest while watching movie, cricket and for time pass. It is very tasty to eat but it easily stuck between the teeth. So they will go when you brush your teeth only. Therefore, it is a good to brush after having them.
  4. Bread: Most of the people take bread in their breakfast. But it easily sticks to our teeth. As it is very, so it creates germs in between the teeth. So this leads to mouth smelling problem. Butter which we take combination with the bread is also not good for the health of our teeth.
  5. Noodles: Now a day’s elder and kids also having noodles with lots of interest. These may stuck between the teeth and create germs. This leads to mouth smelling problems and teeth get spoiled.
  6. Meat:  The people who love meat will surely taste it at least once in a day. The fiber and the tissues which contain in meat will struck very easily in between the teeth and we feel uncomfortable. So it is best to brush your teeth immediately after having meat.

Not only the above mentioned items, there are some more items which stuck in our teeth like tomato seeds, some of the breeds of mango fruit – that is the fiber which present in it will stuck in our teeth. So we should take a lot of care of our teeth. Some of the tips to keep our teeth white, healthy and temporary remedies for mouth smelling.

  1. It is good to have brush twice in a day.
  2. Wash your mouth thoroughly after eating or drinking anything. Especially curd, meat, junk food, buttermilk.
  3. Once in a week we have to brush our teeth with salt.
  4. If we sleep more than 3 hours, then we should brush our teeth as germ forms. Most of the people avoid to brushing as they slept for few hours.
  5. Wash your mouth thoroughly after having things like onions, garlic, egg and meat. These causes smelling. So after having them it is good to chew chewing gum or have chew cardamom in the mouth. Therefore, our mouth won’t smell and others won’t be uncomfortable with us. This is applicable for the diabetic patients and aged people as they have mouth smelling problem mostly.
  6. By brushing your teeth with neem stick, the teeth will be strong for a long time and no dental problem occurs.
  7. If you are using tooth paste for cleaning your teeth then chooses the right one and stick to one brand only.
  8. After having brush using toothpaste, try to clean your mouth thoroughly as the toothpaste also remains in the mouth which is very dangerous if it enter into our stomach with food material.

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