Monocytes are a kind of white blood cells that are part of the immune system in all vertebrates. They play a major role in the immune functions. They help to restore dendritic cells and macrophages. They respond to inflammation very well. Monocyte is identified with the help of smears. The monocyte count is necessary for best working of the body. The test for absolute monocyte count is used to find out any kind of disorders in the blood and all problems with the immune system. Monocyte leukemia is also a major ailment of fluctuation in monocyte count. The test is used to find out the complications in case of a heart attack. Why do we have to monitor the monocyte count is entirely dependent on the individual. Tests are normally done to find out if there is any toxicity or disease.

Lab tests also help to find out if a medical condition is improving or deteriorating. Such tests are used to assess the success rate of any medication or the failure. The absolute monocyte count is important to be diagnosed during many conditions. These include a heart attack, monocytopenia, monocytic leukemia etc. Lab tests help to find out many factors. Due to small changes in the body, the lab tests are performed at a particular time of the day. The timing of the tests is entirely based on decreased and increased levels of medications.

While taking the monocyte count, there are various reasons these could be caused. The conditions of bone marrow diseases like HIV or rheumatoid arthritis are all reasons for a low absolute monocyte count. Then you have other autoimmune diseases like Lupus. When you use illegal narcotics, a great deal then too absolute monocyte count is affected. Vitamin deficiencies and malnutrition is also a reason why this count gets affected. When a person lacks Vitamin B12 then the monocyte count is affected. Bacterial infection is another reason why there is a fluctuation in the absolute monocyte count.

A high monocyte count is also to be looked into immediately. Any kind of variation affects the body functions and the health conditions. Whenever there is a high or a low absolute monocyte count then it is better to get the entire body checked up.

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