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How to fly the fever off??

This is the question which v all think about.. Many will go for vaccines, some for vicks, some for vapour treatments and some for traditional medicines, and some won't take care about that itself..

But i found that we can fly off the fever in just 1 day of complete practice of this..

All you've to do is drink two glasses of hot water with tulsi for every half an hour..

1st  some amount of water with tulsi and add that water 2 tablespoon to a glass of hot water..

You can also add the tulsi leaves in the hot water if you don't want to mix like i said above..

I can definitely assure you that this will cure not only fever, but also running nose, dry cough and headache too..


I'm doing the same for years and i get relief in just one day..


try this and reply me..



by, jana

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