We always take care of our children very carefully. We wash their hands before they eat and even after they complete eating but we never clean their things which they play. Due to these things they may cause infections as kids keep their playing things into their mouth. That’s why we need to keep plastic things which they play should be washed with the anti septic liquids. If their playing things are soft toys then we need stuff the toys in the pillow covers and wash them in washing machine. If you have any pets in your home then you need to take extra care in the suggestions given you till now. Its better to keep pets away from you.

The things like feeding bottles, plates which are used for kids should be cleaned by placing them in hot soapy water then we need to brush them and then wash them with normal water. To clean feeding bottle, we need to heat water and drop the feeding bottle in hot water then remove the bottle after 10 minutes. Making habit of drinking milk through glass is better than feeding bottle. So the experts suggest us to make our children get habituated of drinking by glass.

The nappy rash is the main problem most of the kids suffer. Keep nappy for more time to kid then the soft skin of the kid will be affected by allergy. To avoid such allergy problems, we need to wipe the effected place with wet cloth. This should be done whenever we change their nappies or we need to ash the allergy occurred place with warm water. We need to use pure water only. Then wipe with dry cloth. After wiping you should apply cream or ghee or oil or moisturizer or Vaseline. It gives lot of changes at the place where the allergy occurred. Never rub much roughly on the skin and never use tight nappies as air won’t go inside. This may cause allergy. The nappies which are much comfortable should be used. If the nappy is very easy to remove then it is very comfortable to your kid. But avoid using nappies using much. It is good to use nappies when they are needed to use like when you go out you cannot look after your kid as you look in home.

If you use clothes instead of nappy then you need to wash those clothes thoroughly and you need to dry them in hot sun. Never use any conditioners on nappies and clothes for smell. A disease occurs on kids very fast. That’s why we should keep our kids and kid surroundings, our home, kids’ clothes, their playing things clean and tidy. You should clean your hands regularly. If you have any kind of cough problems then you better to use tissues or mask whenever you be with your kid. Always keep your kid surroundings dry and clean. This avoids occurrence of diseases.


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