Bottle Gourd curry


Bottle guard – 1

Spicy roasted chickpea  – 100g

Dry chili -10

Mustard seeds – 1/2spoon

Fenu greek seeds -1/4spoon

Cuminseeds – 1 tea spoon

Oil – according to the requirement

Salt – according to the taste

Curry leaves – 2stems

Preparation time – 15 minutes

Cooking time – 10minutes


Chop bottle guard into pieces.

Place a bowl on stove.

Add water and bottle guard pieces.

After they get boiled, remove water from the bottle guard pieces by filtering.

Now place another bowl on stove and fry spicy roasted chick peas.

Now  take another bowl , add the fried roasted chick peas, dry chili and salt. Mix them finely.

Then grind them  in mixy.

Now place another bowl  on stove and heat some oil in it.

Then fry mustard seeds, black gram, then bottle guard pieces.

Now add salt, sprinkle spicy roasted chick peas powder on it and mix it finely.

Therefore Bottle guard powder curry ready.

About bottle guard powder curry:

Bottle guard powder curry is a very different curry. As we used bottle guard which is a health giving vegetable. It cures many health problems. While cooking Bottle guard pieces we should take care that all pieces got cooked finely or else the dish may not be much tasty. While preparing the powder also we should be careful, we should use the measures they have mentions in the ingredients list them only the dish will be yummy. I hope you try it, impress your friends, family members and relatives. Enjoy the taste. Thank you

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