Soaked Basmati Rice in Milk – 1 cup

Milk – 1 liter

Sugar – 1 cup

Elachi powder – ½ spoons

Ghee – 2 spoons

Saffron soaked in milk – little

Fried kissmiss, kaju, dry dates, pistha  in ghee – 1 cup

Badam soaked and made into paste in form – 3 spoons

Preparation time – 20 minutes

Cooking time – 10 minutes

Preparation –

1.Grind soaked rice by adding milk in it.

2. Now boil the milk

3.Then add this grinded mixture and mix it finely.

4.After 5 minutes add sugar in it.

5.After sugar gets completely melt then add ghee and saffron which is soaked in milk and elachi powder.

6.Before off the flame, mix the fired kismiss – dates- pistha and badam paste.

7.Therefore kheer with rice is ready.

8.If you want dish to be thicker then add milk made in it.

About kheer with rice:

Kheer with rice is a variety recipe made of rice. Everyone prepare kheer with bambino or samya. But this kheer is made of basmati rice. This can be prepared with in less time.  There is no need to do hard work. Preparation time is more than cooking time. The taste of this dish is amazing and awesome. Everyone will surely love to have it. This is specially prepared for Vinayaka chathurdi in Andhra Pradesh. This dish is the favorite dish of Ganesha god. People who hate eating sweets will also love to have this. Especially kids love to have this. I hope you try this and offer to Ganesha God. Impress your relatives, friends, and family members. Enjoy the taste. Everyone who tasted it will surely appreciate you as this is a different way of cooking the original one.We make this dish with rice flokes also.  If you have any doubts, experiences, opinions and suggestion please let me know through your comments. Thank you. and I wish you all a very Happy Vinayaka chathurdi.


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