Delicate hands:

If there is no correct protection to your hands, then they become dry. If this continues then it may lead to wrinkles problem. While doing house hold works, we use different kinds of soaps, detergents and liquids which may harm our skin.  So to avoid such problems, it’s better to wear gloves to hands and work. To keep your hands neat and clean, try to use a hand wash which does not produce more foam.

                Apply olive oil, Glycerin or any moisturizer four times a day. Try to Pedicure your hands once in a month and rub your hands with lime slices once in a week. So that your hands will look healthy. Try to apply chana flour to your hands and rub. Do this process for every 15 days. So that your hands become beautiful.

Beauty for hair:

The change that occurs in climate will affect our hair. So this leads to thin the hair and liveliness gets disappear. So to avoid these entire problems, we should select a best shampoo which gives smoothness to hair.

            Apply Olive oil and massage your hair. If you do this, once in a week then your hair look healthy and strong. After hair wash, you should apply conditioner compulsorily.

Skin to shine:

Due to the effect of hot sun, skin rashes and skin cracks may occur. If we neglect such problems, this leads to further more problems. So whenever possible for you, try to the mixture of 3 spoons of chana flour, 1 pinch of turmeric powder, 2 spoons of lime juice, few rose petals, 2 spoons of milk, ½ spoon sandal wood extract paste and apply to your face at night. After 15 minutes remove it with warm water. The skin which got cracks will recover and becomes smooth and shiny. This pack is helpful to the dry skin.

            We should choose sunscreen lotions by concerning the experts so that whenever we want we can use it.

Vanish the pimples:

Pimples problem has become common now a days in people. This problem is not particularly related to a particular age group. So to avoid this problem try to use best costly cleanser. Sometimes try to rub your skin with ice cube, so that the pain of the pimples will go. If we mix nutmeg in milk and apply at pimple on your skin. Then most of the pimple problems will be solved.

To look young:

If the percentage of the moisture gets reduces in your skin then your skin becomes dry. If you neglect this, then it may lead to wrinkles problem. To avoid this, you should use a best and costly moisturizer. You need to drink more water and apply badam paste to the skin. Due to this, your skin gets recovered and becomes smooth and shiny. You should remove makeup before sleeping.

            People who are having dry skin, it is better to use Keera, tomato, papaya, Olive Zell, milk cream by applying regularly. People who are having oily skin, it is better to apply honey, lime juice mixture. So that the wrinkles and spots on the skin will be avoided.


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