Most of the people get cakes from outside. But we can even make cakes in our house with our home made things. The home made cake is more healthy and amazing taste than the purchased cake. I am introducing you a recipe to prepare cake and the method of decorating it. It is very easy to prepare and takes less time to make it. I hope you try it and impress all your family members, friends, relatives and enjoy the taste. So after trying this recipe, for any birth day or any occasion you need not to run behind restaurants or bakeries, you can prepare in home itself and celebrate the occasion. The people who ever taste it will surely try to know the recipe and they will try it. Hope you all enjoy.




Butter – ¼ Kg

Baking Powder – 1 ½ Spoon

Vanilla essence – ½ spoon

Eggs – 6

Tutti frutti – 50 g

Sugar – 400g

Dalda – ¼ cup

Saffron food color

Green food color


1.Mix baking powder inand filter it.

2.Take a bowl and add egg yolk in it.

3.Then beat them finely for 5 minutes.

4.Now add 1/4kg sugar and vanilla essence in it.

5.Now again beat this mixture finely for 5 minutes so that sugar, butter, and vanilla essence mix thoroughly.

6.Now add filtered maida in which we mixed backing powder. Then finely beat the mixture again.

7.Then heat the oven up to 180 degree temperature.

8.Now take a cake pan and apply butter to it. Then pour the cake mixture which we have prepared now. Spread this mixture to whole plate.

9.Now place this plate in the oven.

10.So within half an hour cake will be ready.

11.If you are making cake on gas stove, you should cook in cake cooker.

12.While cooking in cake cooker, you should place a bowl under the cake and this bowl should be filled with sand.

13.We should not keep whistle or gas cutter for the cake cooker.

14.It will take half an hour for cake to become.

15.Now take remaining sugar and make it into powder.

16.Then mix dalda and sugar finely. This mixture is cream for decorating the cake.

17.Then make this dalda and sugar mixture into 3 parts.

18.Add saffron color to one part and green to another part. The other part leave it white.

19.Now decorate cake with these colors as flag.

20.Then garnish the cake with tutti frutti.

21.Therefore yummy flag cake is ready.


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