Sweet Potato Balls / Chilakada Dumpa Purnalu


Smashed Sweet Potato – 2 Cups

Black Gram - 3 Cups

Rice – 8 Cups

Grated Jaggery -1 ½ Cup

Cardamom Powder – ½ Tea Spoon

Oil – Sufficient to Fry

How to Prepare:

Soak Black Gram in water for 4 hours. Then drain it and add little amount of water again, grind until the mixture becomes smooth. Now in another bowl add smashed Sweet Potato, grated Jaggery, and Cardamom Powder, one by one. Mix all these ingredients finely. Then mould this mixture into small balls and dip them in the Black gram paste prepared earlier. Fry the balls in heated oil until their color changes to brown. Sweet Potato Balls are ready. Serve them on a serving tray by spreading a tissue paper to suck the oil from them. 

Sabudana Bath / Saggubiyyam Pulihora


Grated Mango – 1 Cup

Sabudana – 1 Cup

Green Chili – 4

Tur Dal – 1 Tablespoon 

Black Gram – 1 Teaspoon

Cumin Seeds – 1 Teaspoon 

Ground nuts – 2 Teaspoon

Turmeric powder – 1 Pinch

Salt – according to taste

Dry chillies – 2

Oil - to fry

Curry leaf – 5 strings

Asafetida – 1pinch

How to prepare:

Soak Sabudana for 4 hours and then drain water from it completely. Now add oil in a pan and heat. Then add dry chili, Black gram, Tour dal, Mustard seeds, cumin seeds, turmeric powder, asafetida, ground nuts, curry leaf, slightly smashed green chili and fry one by one these ingredients in a pan. Place another bowl on the other side of the stove and add a teaspoon of oil in it. Let it get hot. Then add soaked Sabudana, grated mango in it. Let them fry for some time. Now add the seasoning mixture which we prepared earlier. Then add salt according to taste. Therefore Sabudana pulihora is ready.


Rice Flakes vada


Rice Flakes – 1 Cup

Green Chili – 4

Ginger – 1 Teaspoon

Coriander paste – 2 Teaspoons

White sesame seeds – 2 Teaspoons

Tur dal – 1 Cup

Cumin Seeds - 1 Teaspoon

Salt – according to taste

Oil – sufficient for frying

Curry leaves -4 strings

How to prepare:

Soak Tur dal for 2 hours in water and drain it completely, then add little water, grind slight roughly. Now in a bowl, add wet rice flakes, green chili, ginger, cumin seeds, curry leaf, coriander paste, white sesame seeds, salt and mix finely. Then add soaked tur dal and mix well. Now spread this mixture with your fingers as vada and fry them in oil.


Coconut kheer


Suji / Rava : 1 Cup

Coconut milk – 3 cups

Grated dry coconut – ½ cup

Ghee – 3 tablespoon

Cardamom powder – ½ teaspoon

Dry fruits – according to your wish.

How to prepare:

Fry the dry fruits in a pan using ghee and take them in a bowl. In the same, add rava and fry it. Now take another bowl.  Add coconut milk in it. Then add dry coconut in it and let it get cooked for some time. Therefore, add fried Rava and jaggery mixture. Keep stirring carefully as there should not be any lumps in it. When the mixture becomes thicker then add dry fruits in it. Therefore, coconut kheer is ready. This can be taken chilled or hot.

Pallila Bobbatlu / Ground nut Chapathi


Maida – 2 cups

Ground nuts – 2 cups

Sesame seeds – 2 tablespoons

Jaggery – 1 ½ cups

Cardamom – 3

Ghee – as you wish

How to prepare:

Fry groundnuts and sesame seeds in a non stick pan separately both. When they get cool, then powder them both using mixer. Then mix cardamom powder, and grated jaggery in this powder mixture. If needed, add little water and mix thoroughly, then keep aside. Now add water in Maida and mix it until it becomes soft and keep aside. Now make this Maida into rounds. Then spread each round like a chapathi. Now pour the groundnut mixture on each chapathi and make them balls and later spread these balls as chapathi. Now fry them on both sides using ghee.

I wish you prepare all these dishes on the festival of Ugadi and enjoy the taste and fill your life with lots of happiness.

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