Introduction to premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is the second most frequent dysfunction in men (the most common is erectile dysfunction), this problem affects 30% of the male population, this percentage may vary according to the country is taken into account. The reality is that premature ejaculation affects a large percentage of men causing frustration, disappointment, rejection and fear.

Some years ago this problem was not considered a sexual dysfunction, in contrast was perceived as a common symptom in society associated with impotence. Over the years evolved Premature Ejaculation in areas such as number of people affected, worsening the problem, sexual habits, etc..

Today it is considered a sexual dysfunction and is the daily preoccupation of a large percentage of males.

Definitions about premature ejaculation
To optimally understand its definition we distinguish between two terms that make up this word :

Premature: Early, that happens sooner than desired or usual.

Ejaculacion: Defined as the act by which sees the launch of the contents of an organ or cavity with force, specifically the seminal fluid.

Now, if we combine these two terms we arrive at the following definition:
Act by which sees the launch of the contents of an organ or cavity with force and speed, specifically the seminal fluid earlier than usual or desired.
This is a rather theoretical definition that facilitates their understanding.However, in the professional field known as premature ejaculation that sexual dysfunction in which the man ejaculates sooner than desired, ie the involuntary reflex that keeps the man to control his ejaculation.

Different degrees of dysfunction within
There are varying degrees of premature ejaculation, some more mild and more severe: In milder cases where the man ejaculates between 3 and 8 minutes after the penetration, these may be aggravated if they are not fixed in time.

More severe degrees are those in which a man ejaculates before entering his partner or do it just started seconds after penetration. These are the most severe cases and should be treated as soon as possible so as not to evolve over time.

The reality is that currently our body rely on sex for many things, for example, the impact on our mood. This is proved that a men who is sexually unfulfilled translates that dissatisfaction  into their daily life and causes a negative burden hard to bear. That is why premature ejaculation affects the man both in his sexual life and in their daily activities, work, society, family, etc.

Introduction to treatment for premature ejaculation

Currently there are different treatments for premature ejaculation, some more effective than others.
The truth is that most recommended treatments are those based on natural exercises and techniques,which do not need any medicine to be made.

Treatments for Premature Ejaculation on techniques and exercises

The treatments are best for treating premature ejaculation, and are really effective if they are still at the bottom of the letter. Most patients who use these treatments can eliminate completely their Premature Ejaculation in the space indicated for the treatment, however we believe that more severe grades should be treated by a sexologist / urologist in a personalized way.

Treatments for Premature ejaculation antidepressant

These compounds are primarily intended treatment of psychiatric disorders, antidepressants reuptake inhibitors of serotonin (SSRIs) have indirect consequences on the men's ejaculatory reflex, ie slow ejaculations. The most prominent are: paroxetine, fluoxetine and sertraline. This is scientifically proven that long term intake of any of these products extends the time before ejaculation, the fact is that the main action and the mission of these compounds are not related to the treatment of premature ejaculation, however there are sex therapists who had chosen these as the main alternative.

The drug most frequently associated to premature ejaculation is a major component of dapoxetine, a selective inhibitor of serotonin reuptake ( "welfare hormone).

Note that any treatment based on this class of drugs should be strictly supervised by a professional.

Premature Ejaculation Treatments based on local anesthetics

Another way to treat premature ejaculation is through the use of local anesthetics such as lidocaine and their combinations. The truth is not always effective this compound, or bring some disadvantages that are borne by both men and women.

It should be mentioned that sex is a celebration of a feeling that is expressed by partners and aims to search and pursuit of pleasure in both cases.The use of these anesthetics would limit the degree of pleasure of man and woman as the primary function of these is to achieve numbness in the area where it has been applied, the insensitivity is associated with a loss of sensation, so that celebration of sexual desire would make no sense if the parties do not enjoy the act itself and if it does not meet your expectations.

Myths and Facts about premature ejaculation

The Premature ejaculation is a male sexual dysfunction that receives plenty of opinions from all sectors, some more certain than others.
some of the most common myths about premature ejaculation:

"Masturbation is the most common cause of premature ejaculation"
This statement is often mentioned when people refer to premature ejaculation, the truth is that the content of this sentence is far from reality. There is no linear relationship between premature ejaculation and masturbation, our experience indicates that the practice of masturbation is independent habbit of self pleasure but  yes in certain ways it can lead to possibility of the problem.

Well, the confusion may be because the individual's sexual learning, this could have generated bad habits from an inadequate form of masturbation. Generally adolescents who begin to go their way they do sex through masturbation, in this age the hormones are at its peak so the young people who do self-stimulation quickly or hastily.

Ejaculation is a reflex that is generated and acquired characteristics as a "learning" organic. If an individual always quick orgasm during masturbation that is anxiety or wanting to arrive before the pleasure of will, it is possible that "learning" has been wrong, which results in a shorter time span to reach the climax.


Myth: "Masturbation is the most common cause of premature ejaculation"
Fact: "Learning the wrong caused by an inadequate practice of masturbation can lead to premature ejaculation"


"Alcohol, marijuana and other drugs are a good remedy for premature ejaculation"
Amazingly, there are people who support this assertion, even if some degree of reality, can not be conceived as an option. Many drugs, including alcohol, marijuana and cocaine, among others have a side effect which delays the arrival time or ejaculation We know that when you ingest alcohol, the most common legal drug, among other symptoms showed a delay in reflexes: to react to stimuli, to respond quickly to power, and so on. As a reflection of ejaculation as any other, this is affected by the ingestion of such drugs.

Although when you eat these stimulants caused the effect is mentioned in the long run these may develop erectile dysfunction, premature or delayed ejaculation and loss of sexual desire.
It is  not recommended under any view to taking these drugs (legal and illegal) to solve the early ejaculation. There are natural ways to control premature ejaculation, so it makes no sense to use these compounds.


Myth: "Alcohol, marijuana and other drugs are a good remedy for premature ejaculation"
Fact: "Some drugs can have side effects as delay ejaculation during its effect, however the longer term may be one cause of this problem.

"Premature ejaculation may be a consequence of infertility"

The reality is that there is no relationship between premature ejaculation and infertility; unlike these two diseases are totally independent and have nothing to do for each other. While we can not understand which is the reason that ever mentioned the phrase.


Myth: "Premature ejaculation may be a consequence of infertility"
Fact: "Premature ejaculation is not related to infertility"

"Treatments with antidepressants are the best way to treat premature ejaculation"
This statement is true but not ideal. Treatment with antidepressants are used by many professionals, but we do not consider to be the best option for treating premature ejaculation. The truth is that these compounds have a side effect associated with delayed orgasm in men, however,and cause this length of time before ejaculation originate other adverse effects.Existing treatments using techniques and exercises based on a correct learning, we see no need to use these drugs.


Myth: "Treatment with antidepressants are the best way to treat premature ejaculation.
Fact: "Treatment with antidepressants are a valid alternative for treating premature ejaculation, but not considered a healthy option"



Causes of premature ejaculation

Introduction: The ejaculatory early is someone who can not control their ejaculation, ie not ejaculate when you want but when its reflection is indicated. In normal times the man goes through 3 phases during intercourse:

Initially, the man begins to feel symptoms of arousal.

Intermediate stage( Plateau ), men with premature ejaculation can not extend.

Orgasm, Final phase in which the man ejaculates.

The phase of "plateau" is that more should be extended and represents the critical stage, which controls the ejaculation. The man who is affected by early ejaculation can not remain a considerable time at this stage, which makes it dependent upon reaching the stage "orgasm" in a quick, early or premature.

Causes that causes Premature Ejaculation
The causes of premature ejaculation are of varied and evolved over time, but now ensures that 90% of cases of rapid ejaculation respond to psychological or environmental factors, while the remaining 10% finds its origin in anatomical or physiological disorders.

Origin of Premature Ejaculation by psychological factors
These are the most common and most likely cause of the problem. In most cases men are affected by emotional disturbances, including depression, stress, panic and insecurity among others. There is a direct relationship between early ejaculatory and the man who shows signs of depression symptoms associated with this condition affect the individual generating circle affective sadness, decay or change in mood. This situation is automatically transferred to daily life and routine, modifying work performance, desire and the will to perform everyday actions.

Fears are also a factor that can cause a degree of premature ejaculation, for example the fear of confronting sex affects the performance of man in sex. This "sexual repression" may occur from the beginning of man's sexuality or may develop in middle age due to lack of communication or unsatisfactory relationship with their partner.

Anatomical or physiological disorders
Physiological disorders can cause premature ejaculation in men. Some diseases such as prostate or urethra infections may develop a disorder resulting in early maturity to reach orgasm. Also the sensitivity on the glans in higher than normal levels or hypersensitivity may impose on the plateau time during intercourse, forcing the individual to ejaculating earlier than desired.

Other considerations
Finally we mention the inadequacy of individual learning at early ages such as childhood or adolescence, it is possible that young people are initiated into sexual life with incorrect or improper practice habits that can cause anxiety in coitus.

Anxiety is very common in young and just develops from these practices are wrong in the stages of highest expression of sex hormones. Such is the case of masturbation hasty antisexual messages during childhood and sexual failure among others.

Technique for controlling Premature Ejaculation:  Kegel exercises
The main objective of this technique to strengthen the PC muscles (pelvic) in charge of controlling ejaculation, and more. The following describes the technique to control kegel premature ejaculation:

Location of the PC muscles
For easy recognition of these muscles must be stopped in the act of urinating try to stop the urine when we do the pelvic muscles, these are located between the genitals and anus. Once you have been able to identify the PC muscles can begin development.

Office Development
The Kegel exercise consists mostly of the contraction and relaxation of the PC muscles to strengthen and gain voluntary control over the ejaculation reflex.
You must contract and relax these muscles with gaps of at least 5 seconds between each repetition. You must complete a total of 30 repetitions per day.
To be sure, the more times do the exercise you can get a better result, but not recommended more than 100 repetitions a day.

Technique to control premature ejaculation:  Stimulation with your partner
To perform this exercise correctly you should have the support of their partner. Begin by communicating your problem and inform the need to work around it, she will understand and be proud to collaborate with their treatment.

I often read queries from people who feel that their partners leave them shortly. because the reality is that many women give less importance to premature ejaculation than men.

Development of stimulation technique with your partner

You must first start with foreplay getting a mutual pleasure,  Concentrate on the sensations you are experiencing maximizing your pleasure.

Try to satisfy your partner sexually with other alternatives, such as oral stimulation using his tongue or vibrator or object including any stimulant. Your partner must reach orgasm without  penetration.

Once you feel that your partner is sexually satisfied, you should tell her to massage your penis slowly, as in the start-stop technique to control premature ejaculation.
When you feel that ejaculation is inevitable  tell her to stop pacing, after the excitation has reached normal levels tell her to continue with the massage again.

Perform this exercise at least 2 times a week, the goal is to achieve a proper "learning" with your partner to give voluntary control over the ejaculation reflex.

Technique to control premature ejaculation:  Start-Stop
The main objective of this technique is to maintain the erection for 7 to 15 minutes without ejaculating, it is important to perform masturbation focused on their sexual feelings, enjoy this feeling of pleasure and try to control anxiety.

Development of technical

Must begin with a slow, slow pacing of his penis, to get a firm erection. Having gained the erection should go to step 2.

Masturbate in the form continues to receive the first feelings of excitement when you feel you can not continue because the stimulation feel like ejaculating, stop.

Rest a few seconds until you feel the excitement has subsided, is important not to drop the full erection; one should lose a minium grade of erection. When you are ready to begin again go to the next step.

Start again stimulated as in the beginning when you feel like ejaculating again stop. Perform this process 4 times to finish with orgasm, ie the expulsion of seminal fluid.
Perform this exercise 2 times a week at least, is very effective when combined with other techniques.

Technique to control premature ejaculation: Airflow
Many men are unaware that the breathing or respiratory flow is an essential part of sex, the process of breathing calm anxiety in the individual and helps control premature ejaculation.

Development of the technique of airflow
During sex we must find totally relaxed, you must reach a state of calm.This state can be achieved through optimum airflow. To do this inhale deeply through your nose and exhale the same way through the mouth.The phases of exhalation and inhalation should be kept at a constant rate, an example of this practice is when we make any physical exercise to work a specific muscle. In these cases we inhale and exhale steadily and deeply.
Relevant considerations

Relevant considerations

Significantly, the exhibition of this technique is only information, for a correct solution to the problem, we recommend a treatment for premature ejaculation based on the optimal combination of these techniques.

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