In the modern life  with full of stress and strain ,atmosphere pollution,bad eating habits. we often get some health problems which is  the side effect of  modern lifestyle .Our health problems are first reflected in our skin .The skin will respond to the problems body face both external and internal things .Common skin problems like dandruff ,pimples are some of  them

Dandruff is a mild infection of the scalp causing flaking.The cause for this condition can be extreme dryness of scalp due to loss of moisture in the hair.Dandruff can also affect those people who do not maintain the hygiene - of their hair.It is recommended a person get adequate amounts of vitamins B6,B12,F and selenium in their diet.

Treatments & Home remedies for Dandruff in Ayurveda

Ayurveda offers effective treatments like Nasyam, Sirovasty and suggest blood letting for severe cases

Ayuvedic oils like dhurdhoorapathradi keram, Malathyadi thailam, thriphaladi keram etc. can be used for massaging on to scalp before bath.

Henna leaves  are mixed with coconut oil and is kept under direct sunrays for seven days.Then this mixture is sieved and should be applied to the scalp for 2 hours before bath

Thriphala powder is mixed with water and applied to the scalp and washed with lukewarm water

The fruit of Bilwa of Bael fruit is burnt in the fire.After it is burnt ,the pulp of the fruit is extracted,made into paste in water and applied to the scalp and washed with lukewarm water.

Use water boiled with Amla for hair wash

Mix coconut milk and lemon juice and apply on scalp before head bath

Make a paste with mustard seeds and apply it on the hair for one week daily

Mix green gram powder and curd and use it as a hair wash


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