“DECISION MAKING” can Disturbed by ALCOHOL consuming.:

Now a days bad thing can be easily practiced than the good, today youngsters are easily addicted to the consumption of alcohol.


The effect of boozing can easily damage the property of decision making of mind.

the research says that the adolescent age peoples are easily attacked by this disability through the alcohol consuming habits.


This property was proved by experimenting with rats.


The rats were selected for the research are well trained with the short glass cave having 2-3 hubs and walls and also having the valves for searching food. this training goes on for few days to months.


After that, the selected 1 rat are subjected to alcohol(ethanol) for few days then the rat was subjected to roam around the glass cave for the study, but it can't able to identify that which valve is for food and whether the hub moves on which part on the cave, than the rats which cannot subjected to the alcohol.


So, From this experiment it is  proved that the consuming of alcohol; can damage your decision making ability.


Even lots of causes can arise from consuming of alcohol but this is the fundamental and major deformity arise by taking alcohol continuously.


So, friends don’t consume alcohol more, don booze over...its just a blink, but don’t addict for that…




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