Have you listened about, syndrome named Irritable bowel syndrome? If yes, then do you know, what are its causes, which cause its symptoms and do you know, what are those symptoms, which constitutes this syndrome called irritable bowel syndrome? If you know, answers to above questions that is very good of you that you are such a knowledge rich person. But, for some reasons, if you do not know; then do not worry; you will get your answers here, in this article, one by one.

So, first questions was, have you listened about, irritable bowel syndrome? If your answer to this question is no; then your answer regarding, what is irritable bowel syndrome, is here in next sentence. Irritable bowel syndrome is a syndrome, which affect gastro-intestinal system and dysfunction it and make a individual suffer, from a set of symptoms, which constitutes this syndrome. But, before I tell you, which symptoms are those; first get answer to second question, of 1st paragraph of this article and that is, what are causes of this syndrome, which causes symptoms of this syndrome. Well the causes responsible are-

1) Stress and age factor- Stress these days is cause of, so many diseases and irritable bowel syndrome is, not exempted from it. So, people who get stressed easily than other people; get affected from it early than other. Usually it is seen that females take stress easily. So, most of the patients of, this syndrome are females. People of teen-age and who are approaching their late 20s are its victim, too. But, why this specific age, suffer more? Well, it suffer because of cause, called stress. Yes, stress of getting settled in career, in this age period, is at its supreme; therefore, count of this syndrome sufferer, is at its supreme multiplication, in this age span.

2) Food allergy- Yes, food allergy is very important factor, among its certain victims of, this syndrome. Yes, certain victims, who get suffered from this syndrome, neither suffer from stress nor fall under age group mentioned, under cause number 1. They only suffer from food allergy, which cause them suffer from diarrhea predominant type of, this syndrome. 

So, enough about cause of this syndrome, next comes, answer to third question; what are symptoms of this syndrome, which constitutes this syndrome? Well those are-

1) Abdominal pain, before frequent watery stools- Yes, no doubt, victim of this syndrome, suffer from frequent watery stool episodes; but, before their frequent watery stool, episodes start; they have abdominal pain and this pain get vanished, as soon as frequent watery stool episodes start. Usually, it is found that when frequent stool episodes start; there arise urgency to evacuate stool urgently, as it is difficult to stop; but after evacuation, problem is not sorted because it feels that there is till some stool left inside, which needs evacuation.

2) Abdominal distension with alternate diarrhea and constipation- Victim of this syndrome, usually feel gas in their abdomen and not all victim of this syndrome, suffer from frequent stools. Some suffer from constipation and some from alternate diarrhea and constipation. When victim suffer from diarrhea episodes, in this syndrome; then victim is on frequent watery stools episodes. But, when victim suffer from constipation episodes during this syndrome; then victim gets infrequent hard stools, with very difficulty; which require too much straining, to get evacuated.

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