Whether you are interesting in installing Carrier gas heaters, or any other brand, there are many steps involved in the installation; they must all fulfill the local building codes. It is important to remember that natural gas is not only inflammable; it is also hazardous to health. Hence, proper precautions should be taken when going ahead with the installation. Furthermore, the combustion within the gas heaters causes emission of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, and both these gases are also hazardous to health. The fumes should be vented outside in such a manner that no fire hazard is created.

If you are attempting to install Carrier gas heaters, then the following precautions should be followed.

Installation of Natural Gas Line:

Before beginning the installation process, you must spend time understanding the scope of the project. Get in touch with the building authorities and find out all the building codes that have to be met.

Purchase all the parts that you would require at the very beginning, and spend time figuring out how these parts ought to be used, sealed and assembled.

Lay the gas line to the location where you want to install the Carrier gas heater. Ensure that you also fix a shut off valve at the end of the line, so that you can carry out any maintenance work that may be required in the future. Use black iron pipes for the gas line. Ensure that all the joints are sealed using pipe joint compound. After that, turn on the gas and brush a little bit of liquid dish washing soap on the joints. If you notice bubbles, turn off the gas. Disassemble the joints and then reseal them.

Installing Gas Heaters:

Read the manufacturer's instructions carefully on how to go about the installation process. If you find it difficult to understand something, then call the local Carrier installer and ask for clarifications. Follow the installation process to the T.

Ensure that you take all safety precautions mentioned in the instructions. This will relate to how close the heater should be placed to the walls and windows, as well as to other materials that are combustible in nature.

While installing the gas heater, make sure that it is resting on some kind of heat resistant material, like bricks, heat resistant mat or masonry hearth.

Installing the Ventilating Plumbing:

Make a hole through the outside wall to let out the fumes from your Carrier gas heater. Thereafter, fix the ducts for ventilation. Ensure that you use the right grading of ductwork for the heater to prevent fire hazards. Then, seal the joints of the ductwork well.

On the interior and exterior of the duct, fix flashing moldings. Make sure that the outside surfaces of the molding are properly sealed with the help of heat rated caulking compounds. Typically, when you purchase the ductwork, the flashing moldings should come along with it. Finally, fix a fume hood on the outside to stop water, insects and animals from entering into the exhaust ventilation.


If you follow the aforementioned tips on installing gas heaters, you should not face too many problems.


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