If you are a homeowner, it is quite likely that you would renovate your home may be once in a few years. Home renovation may include repairing of different parts as needed, or even applying a new look to your home on a whole. In fact, if you renovate your home in regular intervals, the durability of your home increases thereby assuring that your investment on renovation is worth. Having all that said, home renovation can draw a hefty amount from your pocket considering the rate of inflation these days. Moreover, if your home requires lot of repairing work to be done, your expenses may exceed your budget. When you want to renovate your home and at the same time want to save from your expenses again the renovation work, you should follow some do it yourself (DIY) home renovation tips.

DIY Home Renovation Tips

Make your own plan on renovation structure and repair works required. This is the most critical aspect of your home renovation work that decides how much would be your expenses against the work. If you hire an architect to prepare the renovation plan, you may end up paying a large amount to the architect and an even a larger amount to get all the work done to meet the architect's design. Therefore, it is wise to make your plan yourself and decide how you want your home to look. By doing so, you will have control over what repairing tasks are really important to consider during renovation and which tasks can save you from spending money.

Shift your furniture and other household stuff on your own. Many service providers for home renovation charge you based on the number and type of tasks they need to do, including the arrangements of your household stuff and shifting of your furniture. Therefore, you should consider some easy and workable tasks to do them yourself. If you have family members who can help you with shifting your household stuff before and after the renovation work, you can save a lot from paying to the service provider.

Do some repairing work yourself. If you have repairing work to be done during home renovation, make a list of all repairing works that need to be done. You may find that some tasks from your list are easy and simple, such as fixing simple electrical fixtures, common piping fixtures, door latches; minor repairing of your furniture; applying adhesive to decorative items, and so on. Make sure you identify each such tasks that you or your family members know how to fix and eliminate them from the list of repair works. By doing so, you can negotiate well with the service provider for only the repair works that require professional skills.

Clean your house on your own. A major portion of your expense in home renovation can be because of the cleaning work required after all the repairing and renovation is done. In that case, you may want to hire a cleaning service to take care of the cleaning work. However, if you have time and people to help you in cleaning your home after renovation, you can save a lot of money from paying to the service provider.

Buy required materials on your own. In many instances, people prefer to negotiate the payment with a home renovation service provider for the labor work, including any material required for renovation or repairing. Now the challenge is that such service providers usually have tie-ups with a few specific stores from where they would get the materials. As a result, you have to pay whatever the price be they quote for the materials. Instead, you should prefer to buy materials on your own so that you can go to multiple store to check the price of the materials and get the best one that suits your budget and needs. In that case, you can also negotiate for a lower price with your service provider to consider charges only against the labor work and use of their specific equipment that might be needed for the renovation work.


Home renovation requires lot of effort and planning, especially when you want to save money from unnecessary expenses. By doing a few of the repairing and renovation tasks on your own, you can save money and yet meet your renovation needs. Most importantly, when you do some of the tasks on you own, you would know better how difficult of easy it would be take up a few more similar tasks. DIY tips for home renovation is largely followed by people, not only to save money but also to ensure they get things done exactly the way they wanted. 

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  1. Kalyani Nandurkar

Quite sensible and practical tips. Many times when people hire a decorator to redo their homes, they expect every simple task such as moving and cleaning to be done by those people but are upset when charged for it. Maybe this article may also...

Quite sensible and practical tips. Many times when people hire a decorator to redo their homes, they expect every simple task such as moving and cleaning to be done by those people but are upset when charged for it. Maybe this article may also prove to be an eye opener for such. Apart from this, there are many good suggestions that can help in keeping the budget economical. Good work!

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  1. Samir Mishra

Thank you Kalyani for your comment and kind words!

  1. usha manohar

DIY is a hobby for some and now with increased labor costs one must do what one can. We like pottering around the house doing odd jobs like painting the grills , polishing old furniture e, redoing the upholstery etc... Good useful article !

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