Especially in winter, the problem is known: It will start the car and you will hear only a faint "click" ... a clear sign that the car has given up the ghost. This memory is not only the state of charge, but also responsible. And this fall, the more you drive short distances and the more memory-eaters such as alarm systems, seat heating and central locking systems are activated, and is driven sufficiently far from the car battery to recharge. It should, be taken as possible conserves batteries to use the car and the battery case are kept clean as possible, as well as terminals and grease with acid protection to preserve the poles. A further precaution is to regularly checking the acid level of the battery. But sometimes it's no good and must be given start-up. 

The following tips are important: 

Both batteries must have the same voltage; both vehicles must not touch and the battery to charge to remain on board network. Because of the explosion a completely discharged battery may not start strange. 

The engine of the current supply cars should run. First, the red jumper cable is both the positive terminal of discharged battery, and attached to the positive terminal of the good battery. The black cable is then attached to the negative battery dispenser, the other end to the engine or body mass.


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