For long India had just 3 car models available namely the Ambassador, the Fiat 1100D and the Standard Herald. The last fell by the way side early on and for next 3 decades there was no innovation in India. The car industry had become moribund. We used to see pictures of imported cars and were happy with it.

The government finally woke up and introduced the Maruti Suzuki. This was the brainchild of Sanjay Gandhi, but he died in an aircrash. The car however changed the concept of the auto in India and within a decade the greatest names in the car industry like Honda,Skoda, Ford among others entered the car scenario in India. One of the cars which entered the higher spectrum in terms of cost was the Skoda. It initially launched 3 models namely the Octavia, Laura and Superb. The cheapest Skoda at that time was over Rs 14 lakh. I was interested in a Skoda and bought a Octavia through the Military Canteen Stores. I got it a little cheaper, but still cost me plenty. I was delighted with the car and settled for a flame red colour.

I was extremely happy with car which ran excellently. It was a powerful car and I used it for long drives. The Skoda is a German Czeck car and during the war churned out tanks. This has rubbed off on the Skoda and it is now a byword for ruggedness and reliability. The car is a large sedan and is roomy as well as luxurious. In Mumbai, the financial capital of India the Skoda cars occupy pride of place.

Even during my visit to London, I have seen innumerable Skoda cars, but strangely I haven't seen a single Skoda in Abu Dhabi. Well friends, this post is just to express my liking for the Skoda. Its fine car and now I think I will go in for a later model

Photo of my skoda by me

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