An unknown person cannot barge into a office without a prior appointment nor can a unknown person enter your house without your concurrence but yet there is one person who takes the liberty of meeting you at any time at your home or office irrespective of the fact whether you are interested in him or not.  The person whom we are talking about is caller tunes and while it may sound funny the points mentioned below show to what extent they can complicate our already complicated lives.

Caller Tune comes in while you are about to relax:- After a busy days when you have already had a extended stay at the office or worse have finished lot of travelling having visited your clients the first thing you do is to remove our socks, wear your shorts and go to bed for a brief relaxation even foregoing your tea as you are too tired to even have a cup of tea.  All of a sudden your mobile keeps ringing in your pocket and when you gather energy to pick up the call under the assumption that the call is a important one from  your boss or that of a close one of yours to your dismay you find it is a caller tune and feel like throwing your mobile on to the floor.

Caller tune in the early stages of a sleep:- On a day when you are lucky enough to be home early and even more fortunate enough to get sleep early at about 9:30 pm all of a sudden you are woken up and in half sleep you may be very anxious to know as to who it is at that point of the time in the night and the normal assumption it it is a relative of yours or sibling staying away from your home.  When you have got from your bed to answer the mobile from your table you are disappointed to hear the caller tune.  In many cases the person attending to the call would not have even opened the eyes and would have just pressed the answer button as he would have been still in sleep mode. One can very well imagine how disturbed and frustrated a person feels at that point of time.

Disturbance at Workplace:-At workplace caller tunes make it a point to interfere in the middle of a important video conference or a tele conference when you are concentrating hard to listen to your bosses.  Usually teleconferences are not clear and one needs to be fully attentive to hear to their bosses or counterparts and a normal call itself at that time can be irritating and a caller tune compounds your misery.

Rushing towards railway station:- In most cases even after preparing well in advance for a journey there still is lost of last minute packing involved.  Nothing could be more irritating than receiving a caller tune when you are packing things and there is every probability that you may miss important documents meant for presentation and what is worse you may miss to carry the ticket and eventually miss the journey.  Most people tend feel panicky while getting down from train thinking that may not get sufficient time to get down as trains stops only for a minute or so in some stations and when a person is already in a hurry and under stress a caller tune is just about enough to distract him and unnerve him while trying to get down.

The above mentioned points are only a few major problems among a host of other problems caused by caller tunes.  On a busy day when you do not have the time to answer important calls from your customers a caller tune finds your way and on a day when you are eagerly awaiting a important personal call what comes in a caller tune and one can well imagine the frustration the person goes through.

While criticizing mobile operators for the disturbance they cause in our day to day lives we should also try to understand their problems.  It is not easy for mobile operators to survive given the low tariff rates where calls are as cheap as 40 paise per minute.  The point one is making here is the caller tunes and promotional calls should come only at appropriate time and here are some suggestions:-

Caller Tunes should be optional:- While filling up application for a new SIM Card there should be a option as to whether the customer would like to receive caller tunes or promotional calls.  If the customer ticks no then he should not be disturbed.

Caller Tunes at appropriate time:- In case the customer opts to receive caller tunes and promotional calls then the customer should be given the option of a time which is comfortable to him for receiving a call. The mobile operators can send their promotional calls to the customer at that time.

Caller tune links through SMS:- Mobile Service Providers can send caller tune links through sms and if one wants to hear the caller tune he can to do so by going through the links and while this may sound complicated to us,  it should be possible thanks to the advancement in technology.

Send SMS instead of calls:- Mobile operators have the option of sending SMS to the customer instead of making calls.  An SMS can be doubly advantageous to the customer as he can either ignore it or read at a time which is convenient to him and if he does not want to read it he can delete it.  This is win win situation as there is no distribute from the service provider nor the customer feels inconvenienced or irritated.

Send Email instead of calls:- The mobile operators should give the customer an option of promotional messages through Email.  If the customer wishes to opt for offers through Email he can read it as per his inconvenience. Here the service provider too is greatly benefited as a person even if he does not have time to read Email on a particular day or time is bound to read the email even after many days if he is interested in the scheme.

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