Smartphones are very useful these days and with it one can do his/her work on the move. Browsing, Office apps, image/video editing, games and tons of other options bridges the gap between a computer and a cell phone. But the villain is the battery life. Users often gets their batteries drained within hours. With some precautions and setting one can increase the battery life. Some of the most important things are listed below.

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Avoid Wallpaper and Screen  and huge themes

It’s true that many of us give great importance to wallpapers. Some even browse the web hours to find a cool wallpaper to impress others. But the fact is that this doesn’t impress the battery! It’s better to avoid wallpapers and screen savers. Even if you are using a wallpaper make sure the size of the file is not huge. Also go for simple themes - may be the default one. All these factors will increase the performance of your phone. With Android there are live wallpapers and other such stuff which are very cool but they may eat your battery fast.

Turn off the Wi-Fi & Bluetooth & 3G

Well, some people doesn’t bother to turn off their Wi-Fi and bluetooth after using them. So the phone will be searching for networks and devices all the time, even when the user don’t want them. This will cost you a great deal of battery life. So you’d better turn’em off. It is also not secure to let other devices and networks find your device. Though 3G helps you to browse the web much faster, it is not a good option for your battery. It’s better you rely on other simpler internet options rather than 3G when you’re away from the charger.

Close the applications after using them

Most people, knowingly or unknowingly, open applications and return to th Home screen without closing the application. So there may be dozens of apps running on the background. I your iPhone, just double tap the home button and a list of active apps will pop up touch and hold the icons of these apps until you see a close icon on them and close the ones you are not using. Running too many apps at the same time will increase the work load of your device and it may affect your battery life.

Turn off special features like motion sensor, gravitation sensor, touch vibrate etc.

Turn off the above mentioned features. Features like auto rotate might be cool but it also consumes more charge. Some cell phones have a feature which vibrates the phones when we uses the touch screen. All these thing affects the battery life.

Use Flight mode on the move and avoid Vibration mode

When you’re on the move your network coverage may come and go in times. Your phone, as it moves, leaves from one tower for network coverage to another. These processes will drain a lot of battery charge within less time. So it’s better to turn your phone to Flight mode when you travel and turn off the flight mode whenever necessary. Also, the vibration profile will use considerably more battery charge, it’s better to avoid them.

Turn off keypad tones, decrease the screen brightness etc.

There are so many other simple options one can do to lower the battery consumption. You can turn off key tones, lower the screen brightness, dim the screen faster when phone is not in use, decrease the ring volume etc.  to increase the battery life.

Apps to protect and increase your battery’s performance.

In Android and iOS, there many useful applications which are designed for the effective use of battery. They’ll manage the processes in favor to the battery. So try such apps.

Only install the apps you need

Some people have a habit of installing loads and loads of apps. They won’t even use these apps but they keep on adding new apps and they don’t remove the apps they don’t use. The best thing to do is to install only the apps you want and avoid the rest.

Take extra batteries, backup chargers etc. while you travel

The best way to avoid battery issues while traveling is to take one or two extra, fully charged, batteries. Also there are so many backup chargers, solar chargers etc. are available in the market. Purchase some of them, be sure to purchase such accessories from reliable brands otherwise it may harm your battery in the long run.

Keep these thing in mind when you are about to start a journey. And it will surely bring you a - Happy Journey!


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