The entire Middle East is in ferment and Iraq along with Syria are facing a civil war of immense magnitude. The ISI and its sister organizations have spread murder, rape and mayhem in the entire region. The saddest news is that coptic Christians living in these regions are facing the wrath of Muslim sectarian crisis. In Syria the Muslim extremist organizations recently butchered 400 Christian men and impregnated over 3000 Christian girls. Such anarchy was never seen in the Middle East for over a 100 years, even when it was part of the Ottoman Empire.

In reality the western powers started their devious games right after the defeat of Turkey after World war I and the demise of the Ottoman Empire. The entire Middle East was carved up by the French and the British on a study table with a map and is known as the Sykes-Picot agreement. The Americans also jumped in later and along with the English created the monster state of Saudi Arabia. This nation instead of helping the refugees fleeing the strife zone, offers to build 200 Mosques in Europe. What a warped mind !

During this period Iraq had a revolution and the entire ruling dynasty which was a stooge of the United States was wiped out by a revolution led by Lieutenant General Kassem in 1958. He was overthrown and a Sunni Muslim , for long a member of the Bath party named Saddam Hussein seized power. For long Saddam Hussein was a pet of the CIA, who egged him to fight the war with Iran and invade Kuwait. But in the nineties Saddam fell foul of the USA and it was decided to remove him and usher in a more friendly regime to the Americans in Iraq. The Americans thought that like in previous times , their writ will run and Iraq would be in their pocket. The Americans failed to realize the immense contribution of Saddam to containment of Al Qaeda and other Muslim extremist organizations. Records tell us that Saddam hanged scores of Muslim extremists and one can safely say that the bloodshed, now ongoing like an epidemic was non-existant. Saddam was however a nationalist and tried to steer an independent path from the USA. More important he was secular and Christians and other minorities were safe under him. It is on record that he was the sole Muslim leader who supported India on Kashmir. Yes ! he was an autocrat, but that is a small price to pay to avoid internecine conflict and murder of the minorities and moderates and usher in a regime based on barbarism.

One is now nostaligic about the rule of Saddam as his exit has opened a Pandoras Box and the US and the West are clueless as to how to deal with the problem. They have tried to distinguish between moderate Islamists and extremists , but have failed to realize that all Muslim extremsist are the same and there is nothing like moderate Islamic extremists. Their meddling has unleashed forces that are about to devour Europe itself, with the millions flooding to that Continent. The fat is in the fire and the West will pay a dear price for allowing American special forces to execute Saddam. The birds have come home to roost.

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Comments (4)

  1. vijay

Are you implying that Saddam should have been allowed to continue with his terror regime in Iraq?

  1. MG Singh

VIJAY, sometimes one has to choose the lesser evil and hence Saddam had to be tolerated. Things were better with him around.

  1. vijay

I do not agree, because future was not known. Today we are talking with hindsight. Dictators are always cruel.

  1. MG Singh

the historians job is to analyse the event after it has happened. By the way read about Kemel Ataturk to know that dictators can be great as well.

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