We all are different from each other and thus have the different point of views. For some of us, the world seems to be a happy place whereas, for others, it is just a tiring, worn out place. Some of us want to hop on and enjoy the ride whereas others want to end their journey at the earliest. For some, it is a peaceful place whereas others cannot stand its hustle and bustle. Why there is so much of contrast when all of us are living in the same existing world? This is because we all see the world through different eyes. We are what we want to see. We are what our inner self-allows us to see. Just a thought is needed to change everything inside and when things change inside then within no time, the world seems to change too.


Changes should be internal

If we are peaceful from the inside, we feel everything at peace in the external world too and will never complain of all the hustle-bustle taking place in the outer world because we will never even notice it. We will only look for peace even in the outer world. if we ourselves are restless and not at peace then even the most peaceful place on earth cannot guarantee the same no matter how many efforts we put in to achieve it. if we are honest, everyone around us will seem honest to us, even if they are lying. If we are dishonest then everyone around us will seem to be lying even if they are telling the truth to us. Once we have lost the quality of trusting somebody then even the most loyal, trustworthy person will be seen with suspicion. Everything is inside. We keep blaming others for what they have done to the world. Pollution, population explosion, crimes, corruption etc seem to be ruining this world and yes they are, but we cannot blame anyone for all these. It is we who have brought this upon ourselves and it is we who can stop them. We want the world to be a peaceful place then we need to start the work from ourselves. First, we need to learn to live in peace. Until and unless we are at peace, we cannot ask others to do the same. Until and unless we are happy, we cannot expect the world to become a happy place. Charity begins at home and thus change has to be brought in ourselves.


Internal change brings happiness

What we usually feel is that if world changes, we will change. We blame others for our restlessness and increased stress and tension in our lives. We feel that if people around us change, we too will change. We complain that it is others who are not allowing us to live a peaceful, happy life. The whole turbulence in our life is because of others and thus throughout our lives, we wander in search of love, peace, and happiness. We search for these entities in the outer world whereas they are present within us. We are unaware of them that is what the real problem is. Comforts give us momentary satisfaction and we feel that this comfort itself is happiness. We do not know the real difference between comfortable life and happy life. Those who are less fortunate feel that they cannot be happy because they are deprived of money, love or health. However, they need to understand that money or no money, happiness is present within themselves and once they explore it, the world becomes a happy place.


Do the easy task

We cannot wait for the world to change. Just look at its vastness, look at the number of people in this world. It is even difficult to imagine to change each and every one of them. What would be easier? Whether we need to change these many numbers of people so that we can live happily or else we have to change ourselves so that our life becomes a bundle of joy is all up to us. Every day we will encounter so many people. Some will be familiar faces, others will be among the ones whom we will be encountering for the first time. We cannot expect each of them to behave or talk to us the way we want them to. Every time someone behaves differently than we expected, we cannot keep hurting ourselves. If this is the case then it will be a story of a lifetime because every day someone or the other will definitely hurt us and everyday circumstances will arrive which we had not usually expected. Now it is left to us whether we make ourselves so vulnerable that anyone and anything can make our lives miserable or change ourselves from inside which will make the whole world to change.


Why we do not change ourselves

We usually want others to change. We do not try to bring change in ourselves. There are two reasons behind this. One is that we feel that we are alright and there is nothing wrong with us. It is the people who have to change because the problem always is with others. The second reason is that change needs efforts. We want others to change because we just want them to make all the efforts. We do not want to put in any effort and thus we do not change ourselves. To change ourselves, we have to change our belief systems which are the root cause of what we think and how we think. When we replace old belief system with new one, we will start thinking in a completely different way. We will be able to explore peace, love, happiness within ourselves and thus will stop looking for them in the outer world. Once we are contented, we will stop asking for the same things from others and instead of asking, we will start sharing our valuables with them.


Everything is inside

Today since we are lacking inner peace, we will look for it in the outer world. We do not respect ourselves and thus crave for the same for others. We do not know how to appreciate ourselves and thus we seek appreciation and acknowledgment from others. We do not love ourselves and thus try to find loving relationships in the outer world. We have not explored happiness and since we are deprived of it, we try to find it from others. Once we know that these qualities are present in ourselves and all we have to do is that we need to start exploring them and use them to feel contentment. We will respect and appreciate ourselves. We will always be at peace. Happiness and love will be our jewels which we will carry wherever we go. When we are contented, we will stop searching them in the outside world. In fact, once these qualities get explored, we will discover that we have an enormous amount of reserves of these qualities within us and thus we will start sharing them with others. More we share, more these qualities grow and become strong in us.



When we change, definitely the world changes. If we have to bring change in the world then we need to bring change in ourselves. Just a thought can change anything. Our dream world is just a thought away. If we want to enjoy living in a peaceful, happy world then we need to create a thought which says that we are happy and peaceful souls. Inner conditioning will help us to become what we really wanted to become. When we have achieved everything which we have always dreamt about then we will rarely search for those things in the outside world. If we are happy, the world seems a happy place for us. If we are at peace then world appears to be a peaceful place to us. If we have love then the world seems a loving place to us. Thus, change a thought and bring the real change inside to see a changed better world.

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