Power is often associated with someone who is strong either structurally or mentally. We all want to have it as we feel that it is essential to living a fulfilling life. We want it in our personal as well as professional lives as we feel that power itself will bring us strength, happiness and make our lives fulfilling and rewarding. Power only comes to them who are fearless and have the capability to embrace it completely instead of suppressing it or distorting it. We all want power because we all want to be strong and in absence of power, we feel that we will look weak and thus become an easy prey to others. Power is associated with winning. If one loses and the other wins then that means the winner has more power and he gets to decide and the loser has to be submissive and follow the commands. Less power means less reputation and the person is referred as weak and naive. Power is victory and the one who is more victorious is referred as more powerful, others fear of him and do not want to attack him as they know they will not be able to defeat a powerful person.


Importance of power

  • Power is essential to bring changes. In absence of power, changes can be made but however, lots of struggle and lots of efforts will be required to bring even a minimal change. If power is in hands then it becomes easy to make, mend, break the rules and bring the changes.
  • Power provides protection. We can safeguard ourselves, our belongings and everyone for whom we really care for. We can create healthy boundaries. Thereby by using the power, we can easily protect ourselves from getting hurt and avoid chances of damage.
  • If power is in our hands then it becomes quite easy to help others in their pursuit. Their amazing pursuit might bring some amazing positive outcomes and we will be a part of it. A powerless helping hand does not make such a big impact the way powerful helping hand can do.
  • Power is essential to serve others. We always dream of serving our society, community or our country but since we are not blessed with enough powers, we often are not able to make desirable changes and create a powerful impact and serve others the way we wanted to serve. Power helps us to do serve everyone in a necessary manner.
  • Power instills lots of confidence. We are able to stand high, speak up what we feel, question if we are in doubt, we can ask for more if we feel we deserve more, we can seek more if we want more etc. Power helps us to speak for ourselves as well as for others and since it is in our hands, our voice gets heard and our demands get met.
  • Power helps us to build mass power. It helps us to gather people and togetherness as we all know will always lead to some remarkable achievements. We can gather more support and build relationships which nourish us and make us strong in our journey. If we want to nurture from others then we need to build up power and thereby it will enable the formation of strong bonds.
  • Power reduces the struggle. A powerless person may regret at the end regarding his unfinished business. Though he had the ability and capacity but lack of resources, lack masses support and lack of opportunities did not let him fulfill his dreams. However, power enables all sorts of support and the only thing which we need is the real ability and if we have that then we can fulfill all our dreams without much struggle.
  • Power helps us to think big. We can feel empathy and compassion for others, the way we used to feel for ourselves. These feelings no longer remain restricted to us. We can reach out to millions, feel for them, and help them in every way. We no longer remain restricted to fulfilling our own dreams but make sure that we fulfill each and every dream of those eyes which are willfully dreaming but no longer have the capacity to turn them into reality.
  • Power helps to eliminate enemies. When a person is powerful then everyone wants to be his friends. The number of allies increases. A powerful person can easily eliminate his enemies and still retain his number one spot.
  • Power earns influence and respect. Our path becomes easy and so is achieving any position when we are backed up with lots of influences. When we own power, our words get respected and so do our opinions and thereby we earn followers as well. The more the followers we earn, the more powerful leader we become.


Disadvantages of power

Today we consider power as a currency which very well helps us to successfully live in this world. However, it pops up the ego in an individual. Same way, we feel about money. This is why we feel that those who have more money are more powerful. We very well relate money to power and sometimes use the two in place of one another. When people start respecting us just because we are powerful, when we start earning lots of influences, lots of followers etc then everything gets to our head. This boosts our ego and pride and this is how power corrupts. It's like an antidote to all sorts of insecurity, fear, and pain. People have a misconception that having more power means getting better day by day. Earning more money, reaching higher post in career, having more followers etc are all associated with power and this is why an individual tries to achieve all these throughout his life so that he can become a better version of who he is right now. We like controlling and thus we feel that having more power gives us the liberty to control things.


Charm of power

Power if wielded correctly can influence millions; bring peace in the society and country by completely stopping the war. It can influence millions and change the outlook completely. It is a very powerful weapon which can either bring war or peace and it is up to that individual or organization, what they use it for. Power should be allowed to exist. Only then it can exist. Until and unless all the other followers of the dictator have given up their powers, a dictator cannot emerge. Dictator thus becomes powerful when nobody stands in front of him. This is why power is considered to be a part of a relationship. Power can bring change, exerts effects and influences others. Power is addictive. The more we earn, the eagerness develops within us to earn some more of it. It does not bring contentment. It brings curiosity and addiction.



Power is a charming weapon. We all need it because it helps us to become powerful. We can influence people, bring changes in the outer world, earn lots of followers, enable our dreams to come true, enable others dreams to come true too etc. It decreases the efforts which we need to put in to accomplish anything i.e., it reduces the overall struggle. Power provides us protection. As long as it is used for constructive purposes, it can bring positive changes. As soon as it is used to bring destruction, it can even initiate a war. It is up to us whether we need to use it to stop a war or initiate it. It eliminates enemies and helps us think positive and big. The more powerful we are, the more easily we will be able to control things. These are the numerous reasons which make us long for more power in our lives.

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