The present judicial system is obsolete and needs to be revamped. Thankfully it’s been recognized although a bit too late. Fast track courts, benches with a increased strength are some the good signs which might help in providing justice at the right time. But still there are some loop holes which need to be looked into.

One of them is giving more power to police and bringing in a transparency in the system.

Money is the thing which matters those who ask for justice are often made to shut their mouth by money power would say there are some influential and power people in this society who make this society run on their path, mainly politicians. Tell me is there any politician who's not corrupted.

We could say none. India is a democracy just for name sake what happens here is just opposite.

The overall Govt system is a failure then how cud u expects justice? Common man often goes corrupted just because of his basic needs which are exploited by the powerful section. So they'll never fight for justice. Some people often don't often go to courts as they don't believe to get justice out there.

What we need to have is a good administration which can give us a feeling that justice has not lost as a whole. We cannot do anything to stop the injustice done by our elder generation. we can try at least to make our generation and our youngsters hones.



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