alt                               FERRARI – All about speed!


I love cars .From childhood I’m very crazy about cars. I used to read lot of books and used to gather information about all cars


I always dreamt of having a very stylish sports speedy car for me. I still do!

In childhood when someone used to ask me what you want to become, I very confidently used to say car driver.


All used to laugh at me. I also laugh when I recollect my childhood days, I have grown up and my interest on cars also has grown up


Now a days it is very common for every common man to own his own car.


I finished my basic degree and started earning and I now own my own car.


Very proud to see and drive my own car and saying everyone, now I am driver of my own car and yes it is my car!:-)


However, as any other human being we cannot be satisfied with what we have and always think wish I could get much better then that.


Yes true, I also have wish to get more then what I have now.

 It is FERRARI. It is my dream now.



Ferrari is an Italian sports cars manufacturer whose base is located Maranello, Italy. Enzo Ferrari is the founder of this company. This company used to sponsor drivers and manufactured race cars before moving into production of legal street driven cars. This company has already made a very good name and position in Formula One.

                                                           Since the starting of the company, Ferrari used to participate in different motorsports like Formula one and sports car racing. Ferrari is the only company to compete in World championship. Ferrari is the oldest team in the championship and team wins almost every race. The team Ferrari got almost 15 world drivers championship records.

                                             Ferrari Company keeps it most efforts in the field of supercars market.  250 GTO is the first among all of these cars. Ferrari’s are given there name’s according to the body style. This company also sells there official brand merchandise like eye gear, pens, pencils, electronic goods and perfumes.


Wish me luck for my dream! :-)


Keep dreaming!


Thank you!

Deepti !

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