There’s a lot to write about rain in both science and literature. It’s one of the wonders of nature which does wonders to our hearts as well. Yesterday, the first rain of the year brought so many memories and emotions into my heart. I thought of writing a forum post on this topic right here on Boddunan. Anyway, there were so many things about rain I want to talk about so I thought an article would be appropriate. I always wonder what rain does to my heart and thoughts. Sometimes when I see rain I feel a lot of happiness, sometimes nostalgia and sometimes too much pain and loneliness that is hard to bear.

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Rain and Joy

Sometimes rain brings a lot of joy to my heart. When I was a child, I remember that on my birthday the first rain showered and for some reason I was so happy that day. I cannot even remember any other birthdays of my life because we don’t celebrate birthdays much. But still I can picture myself standing at the front door, on that birthday, and staring at the beautiful rain which came early that year.

There are also many other joys that rain brings along. And one of them is ponds! There’s a beautiful pond in my area which gets filled in rainy seasons and one of the best things in my life is swimming in this pond with a lot of my friends whom I know since I was a small child. It’s a treat to have a swim after a great football match or tiring work. Also after a hot summer there’s nothing more joyful than jumping into a pond of cold water.

And it’s really great to sleep when there’s heavy rain outside.

Rain and Nostalgia

Here in Kerala, monsoon starts in June. And the first thing that rain reminds everyone is going to school. Every year children sets off to school with their new bags, books and umbrella in pouring rain after a two month long summer vacation. So whenever I see rain some school memories pops into my mind (Well, I’m a little too much attached to my school since I’ve went to the same school for 14 years, from Kindergarten to Higher Secondary). Also it brings the memories of the time when we children used to play in rain and make attractive paper boats with color papers and write our names on it.

Sometimes I sit in front of my house looking at the rain and when I see children running and playing in the rain all these memories comes into my heart and such memories will detach us from this world and the worries we got into as we grew up.

Rain and Sorrow

For a long time I thought of rain as a symbol of joy and happiness. Anyway, recently I discovered that it can also bring so much sorrow and pain to your heart along with the nostalgia. This feeling is so terrible when you move from one phase of your life to another and everything around you looks and feels new. As I’ve already mentioned, I spent 14 years in one same school and after Higher Secondary all my friends went different ways and I got admission in a nearby college and there was not a single student I knew. It was strange for me to walk into a class where I knew nobody. I felt so lonely these days and when it’s raining I felt like this feeling pumping up beyond limits. All I want was to get along with my school friends whom I’ve known for more than a decade.

I really think that rain brings a sad and loss feeling. May be that’s why in many movies when there’s a funeral – it rains!

I just want to know what rain means to you! If you’ve read this article please don’t leave without commenting the thoughts you have on this magic of nature.

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