We met at a usual September day
Though we both were new, we both gave it all away
I sat next to you, my head down in fright
“Hello,” you said, you voice happy and bright

We talked, we ate, we won, we lost
We made decisions as well as plans
We even made our own small band
We said to be together at every cost

“Friends Forever,” you said
Exchanging bracelets, I agreed
We danced like a pair of birds freed
But now we remember those good days

Alas, you have to go
You moved to a different school
As time passed, we only called after a month or so
Thus we remember but we still have to grow

I picked up the phone and say “I must…”
Before putting it down like everyday
It’s a funny thing that we love and forget
But still in our hearts, we remember those days…

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