Explaining the importance of focus in two wonderful arts

Art of photography

Art of living life

"Focus" is single, small but very important word that can play an important role in the art of photography as well as life. At first instance it may seem odd to compare the two different lines with a common word  but a deep thought into the concept can make it more clear and sharp, clear like transparent water and sharp like truth.

In the photography first target is to identify the subject to be photographed which can be named as "Target", simillarly in life also it is very important to set a clear cut target, may it be education, job or some creative art? it could be anything else too.

Focus on the area: 

To acheive the "target" first of all focus on the wider area of action, e.g if you are working to attain a particular education qualification, choose the area where it is practically feasible for you to study,  like in photography we mark the area to be photographed (suppose we are aiming at a particular thing like a tree, wild animal or may be some insect...)




Focus on the chances of finding out the target: 

After identifying the area focus on the chances of finding out the target and then have a vague look whether target is there or not like the degree you aimed at is offered in your area of focus or not. The picture below shows the focus on finding out the chances of findng the aimed insect to be clicked.




Focus on the target:

After you have found that there are big chances of success in attaining the degree from this area or institue, work hard to fulfill the required criteria to enter there. In photgraphy we simillarly do the adjustments of light, position aperture etc.



Focus on hard work repeatedly:

Now do necessary hard work to get good results in the examination like in photography we give mutliple clicks to get the best click and picture.



 The target is acheived at the end:

 It will be the degree you longed for or the picture you aimed at



Enjoy the joy of success! 


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