• If cycle, lorry, bus and car will have different horn sounds, then it will be easy for the walker-bys to identify the vehicle and give way to it accordingly .

  • Whenever we go to doctor, it is always better to keep list of questions to be asked . Otherwise after reaching home we will think that "Oh... I have forgot to ask this ".

  • Usually we will give blouse bits for ladies when they visit our house. But nobody use this and they give that to somebody else. Instead we can give them some
    useful things like table mat, rangoli stickers, key chains etc.


  • You can shoot videos and audios of your kid's childish activities. It will be funny to hear and see it when they grow old.

  • Don't throw the expired tablets. Grind it to a fine powder and  use it for the plants. The plants will be more greenish.

  • While standing in long signals it is better to switch off your bike. You can start it again few seconds before the traffic light turns to green. This will help saving petrol.

  • While buying rain coats, buy in yellow color so that it will be clearly visible to others riding vehicles.

  • If unused stamps stick with each other, don't worry. Keep it in freezer  for 5 minutes. Then you can seperate it easily.

  • Those who are constructing new buildings can think of reusing the water from kitchen, toilets, bathroom etc for plants in the initial stage itself so that the water will not
    be wasted.

  • In schools and colleges, national anthem will be played at the end of any function. Instead of playing it, if they ask the students to sing it, it may improve the patriotism.

  • It is good to keep the telephone numbers of the following by storing it in your mobile or by sticking it in  a wall as everytime we will search for this numbers in a hurry.
    -  EB Office ( To call in case of power cuts )
    -  Gas agency ( Note down also your customer number )
    -  Family Doctor
    -  Nearby police station
    -  Nearest Hospital
    -  Fire servic
    - Ambulance
    -  Office no ( In case your mobile does not work this is always needed for emergency )

  • It is always good to write in your paper your name, address, blood group and contact no and keep it with you wherever go. It will be very helpful in case of emergency.

  • It is a good practice to test the blood group of all members in your house.

  • Don't keep unnecessary things in your house. Clean unneeded papers, bottles etc then and there itself.

  • Clean you house atleast once in a month. Don't allow too much of dust to form.

  • It is good to prepare a weekly menu for cooking and buy the things needed well in advance.

  • If you are appointing a servant maid, enquire about her where she is working and get her complete address. Nowadays we cannot trust anybody.

  • Don't  keep excess cash in your house or in the purse. You can keep cash needed for a week. As nowadays ATM is available everywhere and we can withdraw using any
    bank's card from any other bank.

  • Don't keep jewels in the house. Keep one or two jewels needed for you to attend functions and keep the remaining in bank locker.

  • Don't buy any silver articles as we don't use it much.

  • Don't use brass or bronze utensils for kitchen. Use stainless steel vessels as they are easy to clean and will last long.

  • During rainy seasons lot of insects will be there and they may stick to the dresses in rops. So before wearing your clothes check it thoroughly .

  • While buying rava sooji, atta or any packaged item, always check the date of manufacture and date of expiry to avoid buying old stock.

  • Wash the clothes in slightly hot water to remove stains. Don't use very hot water as the stains will stick to it.

  • Don't wash the bulbs  with water to remove dust. Instead  wet the cloth slightly and clean only the glass portion of the bulb with it.

  • Don't wash silk sarees with detergents. Also after  using it don't keep it in shelf immediately. Dry it in ropes for sometime and then keep it in shelf.

  • Always drink boiled water . Even if you buy water packaged in cans, use it after boiling.

  • Don't use your saree pallu for removing hot vessels from stove. Use cotton cloth seperately for that.

  • Don't sleep immediately after having food. Sit for atleast 30 minutes.

  • Don't use the newly bought shoes and slippers as such as it may bite sometimes. Mix little curd with castor oil and apply on the surface of the shoes / slippers for one
    night and then clean it the next day.

  • If coffee / tea is spilled on the clothes wash it first with soap water and then salt water.

  • To avoid ants keep the skin of cucumber. Ants will run away.

  • Don't throw the old tooth brushes. It can be used to clean the minute dust particles in windows .

  • To avoid insects coming to the bed in rainy season, put some pepper under the bed.

  • While using soaps, don't throw the last thin piece of soap. Instead put it under your dress shelves to avoid cockraoches and it will smell also good.

  • If you keep some mint leaves or curry leaves in dining table, flies won't come.


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