the "LIFE SKILLS" really change our brain to adapt to that unless that adaptation is supported by the brain?

I think the major differences come from the fact that individuals thrive for personal freedom while still wanting to be under the protective wings of the society for certain aspects of their life. This is respected in many countries in the world as freedom of speech, freedom of worship etc. Normally a country implements a general template where it's people can stray within the boundaries of the template. Thou shalt not kill doesnt hold for everybody for example. I cannot go ahead and kill my neigbour for fun but if i did it to protect the common good of my country and i could prove it, i stand a good chance to fame. So the success in society is knowing it inside out and working around it. To be cruel here, if i really wanted to kill my neighbour, first find out how it could be played off later as a patriotic act.. :) Which button is reward and which one is punishment? You will see that people are conditioning themselves to pass them off as better social players. When trends change, they adapt to it. So like my boss says, Observe, Orient, Decide and Act.

I agree people dont have a choice and this goes back to where we thought there could be no true random things. When a person is aware about the rules of the society, he did know the consequences before violating it. Courts exempt you if you can prove yourself insane. For the successful establishment of society though, we have to hold people responsible for their actions. You do the crime, you do the time.

Tables could be turned. Right and wrong are point of views. Otherwise how would you justify the death sentence as punishment for brutal murder? Society is like the duck in water, calm and beautiful on the surface but paddling like crazy underneath to keep it so. Laws that are not enforced better not be laws. Enforcing them is an ongoing process for it's actively challenged.


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