My love, my girlfriend, my life and my everything RITA SAROJ. I don't know how to express her, she is just the amazing personality I have ever seen in my life. I know that whatever I did for her is always gonna be small for her but then also she is happy in all the thing, she know how to be happy in a bit of pieces. she is just amazing person, she is my oxygen.. 

She is just 22 years of age. She love me a lot than others, I know that she love me more than anyone else. She is everything for me. I first met her on school days, I was in class 7 and she was with me I mean she was in my class. she was newly admitted in school, our school name was Ratan public school in Kharagpur which is near kharagpur railway station. We first talk, when she came to wash her hand near the school tap. She smiled looking at me and that smile somewhere stuck my heart inside badly but in a good sense. She is very pretty and anyone can fall in love with her, no one can praise her beauty fully. I was very afraid of her, not because she look horrible or she is very ugly, she was very pretty but I was afraid to go in front of her, I am a very shy type of person, I feel very shy to talk with girl. At that point of time I know that I was having crush on her and I also know that I have fallen in love with her beautiness. And when I discuss with my friend all these they suggested me to purpose her. But as they are my childhood friend they know me very well that I was shy in matter of girl so they boosted me with high and energetic words and I went inside the classrooms to purpose her but I didn't get the chances to purpose because as soon as I went inside our class teacher came and started teaching and as soon the bell rang for recess I said her to come outside, she asked me,"why", I said her u just come I wanna have word with you,"she came with me, all of my friends are looking at us because they know that I was purposing her that day, they are following us but I insinuate all of them with finger sign and they stop. I took her, somewhere in the tree shadow, at that point of time I didn't know that she also likes me as much as I like her, she also wanted to say something to me so she hold my both hands and said that she likes me and she said that she wanted to grow old with me. I thought that what a co-incidence the word I was looking to say her she just said it . And I also reply her by kissing her both hands she smiled and she hug me. Our love story started from that time and she is with me always weather I am in big or small problem she always give me company and face the problem with me with courageously. Now we are too old too get married, her father and my father both knows that we love each other very much and they don't have any problem with our relation and they final our marriage and we both our going to be married within 2 years. as soon as I get my business goes perfect we will marry.

She is now a model and I am a businessman, we both struggling but then also we never left our hand at any condition, she means a whole world to me .As the world of modeling is looked as dirty profession in INDIA, she even said me that if I will say her to leave modeling, she will leave at that moment only. I don't know how I can live without her I think she is my oxygen if I cannot see her one day also I get worried. she also as the same feeling, she is very concern about me, she normally call me 5 to 6 times a day. and we talk to each other 1-1 hours.  

She is just as similar as a princess. she is the real power of living to me she is awesome in every task which is handed to her if she inculcate something she would do the same as she thinks. In modeling also she is one of the topper of her batch.she in one word is the real INDIAN woman. she is calm, polite good hearted person she has all the adjectives in her. nevertheless one thing I can say her that I love her and I can die for her not for saying I am saying these I really and I can. "I LOVE YOU MY SWEETHEART MY DREAM MY OXYGEN MY LIFE MY EVERYTHING". She just look alike my RITA.



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