History -  Lord Mallikarjuna swamy & Goddess Kamakshi Devi Temple

Kashyapa Maharishi, whose father is Dattatreya, has performed Yagna for the world peace, at the bank of the river Pinakini which is nearest to the Talpagiri. After the completion of Yagna, Lord Mallikarjuna Swamy appeared to Kashyapa Maharshi. Then Kashyapa Maharshi asked Lord Mallikarjuna Swamy about Goddess Kamakshi Devi, saying if she also appears with him he will be happier. With the request of Kashyapa, Kamakshi devi appeared. Therefore, Kashyapa Maharshi installed Lord Mallikarjuna Swamy and Goddess Kamakshi Devi statues in the temple and used to perform Pooja daily.

Present - Story of Lord MallikarjunaSwamy & Goddess Kamakshi Devi Temple

When a cowboy took his cattle for a walk early morning in an open place, there he found something shining in the mud and he started digging. Then he found Lord Siva statue. He showed to the village people and the village people installed the statue in the temple. After few days a fisherman found the Goddess Kamakshi Devi statue in his fishing. When people got aware of this news, everyone is very happy and they installed Goddess Kamakshi Devi in the temple beside Lord Siva.

People of that village offered Non Vegetarian food to the Lord Siva and Goddess Kamakshi. Therefore, Goddess Kamakshi at midnights used to laugh and scream loudly, then comes out the temple and has hens, cows and cranes. Therefore, people felt misery about the Goddess as she should protect the world but she is destroying the world by killing creatures. At such situation, a person’s name Siva, has entered the village and visited the temple of Lord Mallikarjuna & Goddess Kamakshi Devi and performed Pooja. He decided to stay in temple at night. But the village people were worried about that person Siva as goddess may harass him. People warned him by telling about Goddess behavior at night time as it may be risky for him. Siva gave word to the people that he will protect them and stop goddess from destructing the creatures. So in Midnight Goddess laughed loudly and tried to go out of the temple then she threatened Siva to leave her way. Then that person Siva prayed her by chanting slokas which cool the anger of the Goddess. Siva has fixed a Sri chakra in front of the goddess and said if she wants her devotees to serve her then she should stop her behavior. Then Goddess Kamakshi Devi asked Siva, how to bless and give boon to the people who serve her. Then Siva replied to the Goddess, she should bless them through their dreams and help them so that they become happy.

Hence, Kamakshi Devi started being as Siva said. Then she gave a boon to her devotees that if anyone who sleep in the temple at night then their problems will be solved.

About Kamakshi Devi Temple

The Kamakshi Devi temple is located at Jonnavada 15km away from Nellore in Andhra Pradesh. Devotees believe that she is a Goddess of Peace. The Pinakini River is situated left side of the Kamakshi Devi temple. There you can find 3 statues of ladies holding trisula in their hands. Open place is surrounded around the Kamakshi temple. After entering inside the temple, there will be Kalyan mandap (where marriages are performed), Balipeetam and dwajasthambam (Holy Pillar). Then we reach Kamakshi Devi Goddess. A small and a big Nandi’s are placed in front of the dwajasthambam. The history of the temple was written on the pillars inside. There are many pillars inside the temple.

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