Poverty is one of the root causes of terrorism because poor people are exploited by terrorists. Terrorism could be curbed to a large extent if we could alleviate poverty.poverty can be alleviated in 2 ways.


1. Economically-poverty in not in beggars. Poverty is in people who spend lots of energy, but receive less. They need not get anything that changes their economic pattern. They need to get something that makes sure their current economy is not degraded and that their economy is gradually uprising- slow but steady. Their basic amnesties must be fulfilled and they need to get whatever they spend  in that way, we can eradicate the poverty.

2. Emotionally- when we are not in a position to provide an economic support (money or materials), we r surplus with one thing – humanity. we shall render our humanity to them. we shall recognize their position in society. We shall acknowledge their equality in biological terms. Without any discriminations. We shall give them special provisions in anything that are equal to all mankind. We shall live with them with peace, harmony and brotherhood that will also eradicate the concept of poverty.

The main reason is social injustice and disparity with regards to India and Pakistan where business tycoons and industrialists are building and expanding their business empires but are not willing to spend a tiny proportion of their wealth for the welfare of their fellow citizens who are dying of hunger and disease every day!!

I think that poverty has been a major issue towards Indian society post independence. The elite class has become more elite and poors remained poor. Apart from this reality there are some more major issue concerned with this like population pressure, illiteracy etc which acted as the causal agents of poverty. The governments always aimed at filling their pockets only. None of them thought seriously about the common masses. No honest programs were implemented to curb this bane. The result can b clearly seen. The only solution is possible in a socialist society. Government should aim at implementing more and more programs so that rural poverty can be eradicated. I strongly feel that middle class can play a major role in this. They can come forward for promoting education among the masses.Altough it is difficult but not impossible.
The only thing that can remove poverty is Education.It is only illiteracy that give rise to such big problems.We can at least try to teach labour class we come across daily.It can be even our housemaids this this the way they can be made at least aware of problem first then we can think of next step.

There are too many positive abstract terms that has valuable answers to eradicate poverty. But what do we have now. Its not about Ignorance. but innocent enough to ignore innocence. Not about mass education, without even coming down in terms with the rituals of life.Not every dream that can be interpreted wisely, can be played in action. To start with, I guess (just a suggestion)spread the message to everyone you know. Since we are all educated, we can think radically!. A piece from my life. Few years before, I pledged not to eat (for example chocolate cake, why because there are million s of people out there, who never had a chance to even think of how a cake would look like! ) and other resolutions. Why because i read Gandhi's autobiography and watched some movies which depicted poverty, which i don't even remember now. I am sensitive:).I carried it for 2 years. But then, things changed and last week i bought a book on Italian cuisine and now i am planning to cook something new. Why i am saying this because, its not always about big things and positive terms. Simple things can be tried. spread message about poverty. Everyone one of us know the statistics. Prevalence rate.We pass through beggars. We see turbidity in life. What difference does it make? What difference we bring in?

I think India is the one of the country which the most explosive matter is poverty. there are lots of report come out in middle on poverty. but i htink in India thre  30 percent people comes under below poverty line.following below suggestion to remove poverty from india

1.    Only one from a family must work as an government employee.
2.    Till 16 years the child of India should be in under of government including all facility Food education, and all which is need of them.
3.    Reservation on the basis of poverty not on caste..
4.    There should be some changes in thinking of Indian politician.
5.    Providing free education.
6.    Part time job opportunities while education.
7.    Evening schools and colleges.
8.    Providing them basic needs free of cost or in justice rate.
9.    Business mans and rich people should donate at least 1-2 % of their annum income.
10.    People like us should use those donated money into the correct way.

It is a global problem. But developing countries like India, brazil and African nations are its worst victims. for poverty in India, whatever has to be done has to be through the system established. Putting a check on it through the government of India, i consider is a bit difficult as one really cant rely on the policies of a co-alition government which concentrates more on completing its tenure rather than concentrating on basic issues of development .Promoting Ngo's and creating awareness amongst citizens is what i think can be most useful. it will surely provoke the responsible citizens for betterment of the poor.

Even more than 50 years after independence from almost two centuries of British rule, large scale poverty remains the most shameful blot on the face of India. India still has the world’s largest number of poor people in a single country. Of its nearly 1 billion inhabitants, an estimated 350-400 million are below the poverty line, 75 per cent of them in the rural areas.

What i believe without the involvement of common masses (ho r rich n financially stable ) it is difficult to overcome this problem. Single mindset against poverty is the rigid solution. we are not yet prepared to eradicate poverty .

I say Corruption has to go! Every where politics is playing a vital role! Politics is another important factor affecting poverty!. There are not one! Billions of black dots in the map of poverty that has to be removed to make poverty open!. I mean that poverty is not alone!. It has many brothers and sisters who help him become stronger and stronger. Am not being funny but being simple in my language! My suggestion for eradication of poverty is STOP CORRUPTION IN SOCIETY!

Why are rural people poor?

Lack of access to productive assets and financial resources, and inadequate support for micro enterprise development are major causes of rural poverty in India , along with high levels of illiteracy and poor health and extremely limited access to social services.

In forest areas, where many tribal people live, the loss of entitlement to resources is a major cause of poverty.Coastal fishing communities are among the poorest of the poor. Living conditions among fishing communities are deteriorating as a result of environmental degradation and stock depletion.Women generally are the most disadvantaged people in Indian society, but their status varies significantly according to their social and ethnic backgrounds. Women and children are particularly vulnerable to the spread of HIV/AIDS from urban to rural areas. At the end of 2002, about 4.6 million men, women and children in India were living with HIV/AIDS.

Where are India's rural poor people and who are they?
Poverty is variously distributed among India's states. It is entrenched in parts of the populous northern states of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, and extends to the eastern states of Assam, Orissa and West Bengal.

Poverty is also strongly associated with ethnicity and culture, and is highest among scheduled castes and tribes in rural areas. While poverty has declined overall in the last decade, among these groups it has decreased to a much lesser degree. Large numbers of India 's poorest people — about 50 per cent of scheduled tribes and 40 per cent of scheduled castes — live in the semi-arid tropical region. In those areas shortages of water and recurrent droughts impede the transformation of agriculture effected elsewhere by the Green Revolution.

There is a high incidence of poverty in flood-prone areas, such as those extending from eastern Uttar Pradesh to the Assam Plains, and especially in northern Bihar.

Our country is plagued by religious, cultural, economic and social differences. All of these are a political weapon. We have witnessed some of the most shameful events carried out in the name of religion and so on. What i mean by mutual respect and tolerance is tolerance and respect for different religious and social group without any bias. We cannot bring about a change by mud slinging. What we need is real action which cannot be achieved simply by sitting down in our comfort zone and interpreting our datas and ideas about poverty or social change. We have lots of talkers but very few want to go ahead with the real task.

Population is another reason:
Een if in few years they are able to develop the infrastructure for 1.3 billion then population will be 1.6 billion. So this seems like an never ending story. Elections are over, none of the parties or leaders have the guts of speaking on population control..Continious rise in population is the biggest threat to our nation.

we have problem with security cause our forces find it impossible to keep a check on every citizen. As a ordinary citizen it is our right to use the government health facilities. This has promoted private clinics so much that doctors do not need to work at government hospitals. It is BJP or Congress I have not any seen any bold or major steps by any party to handle these problems.Maybe its jst out of the hands of anyone to control all this.Day by day Nothing seems to be improving, rather things are becoming worse.


India as a developed country well god knows. When nobody is bothered about any core issues .how can anyone expect our nation to be developed by 2020 or any further.The simple answer to poverty in India even after India is heading to rise as a super power is the development activities are not reaching the bulk masses. More than 75% of the Indian livelihood depends on agriculture or unskilled labors and we know the development activities are beneficial to the educated or at least for those who are able to read. But in a country where more than 1/3 rd of the population even doesn’t cant find enough job to have 3 times meals a day. How can we expect to eradicate poverty from our nation?.

We take pride as an Indian, but it is time to examine are we real Indians? We forms ,those who can at least read what we write in this columns , a small part of our huge population. The real face of an Indian( who represents at least 75% of our population) is quite different from the world we live in. They cant read , write , have proper food ,shelter and minimum education , doesn’t even know what rights they have as a citizen of one of the worlds biggest democracy..

Am not here to express how pathetic is the situation of bulk of our population, but to underline the fact that bulk of our population doesn’t have enough voice to change their situations. But the irony is that their voting power only decides who should rule the country .But still they don’t have any power to change their situation. They are just manipulated as 'vote banks' and i suspect politicians have a hidden idea of keeping the uneducated masses as such as they can be easily manipulated for election victories in the name of few benefits or communal rivalries. So I think the only solution is that we, who are minorities but enjoyers bulk of the banalities of our nations development , should make sure that the huge mass of our fellow Indians should also get the benefits of what our mother India is giving us. If we are not doing then its some thing like if a mother has 10 children and have 10 plates of meal every time , only 2 of them eats all the 10 meals , becomes fat by leaving other 8 die of hunger. Can any mother imagine that ?So if we really love our country we should join hands to help the uneducated and under develped classes of our society whom even our governments don’t care of. But how?
Here comes the importance of NGO's like proposed . How many times can we really feed some one for free? Can a single free meal can solve a family’s life's problem? So the importance is to provide means for the unskilled and uneducated to earn for their living, to educate about their rights and more importantly to make sure that their children get proper education to enjoy at least what we enjoy now ..

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