The media is such a powerful tool. Its influences can be helpful in enlightening the world with righteousness, provided, we implement them properly. But today they are used to mold the thoughts and views of the vulnerable minds of youth. Problems, such as related to sex, drugs, violence, culture, ethics, morals, character etc., keep tumbling one after the other due to the high exposure of certain things on media.

Impacts of television:

People Forgetting their Own Lives , Getting Deeply Involved in Televisions. But it depends on what we are watching and whether we are "addicted" or not.Ofcourse there isn’t much networking through this, but this is how we connect to people who are not around us. well it is something that which we can't live without& if we are addicted than also it is bad. Television is the best gadget for the society as it keep the society engage by eating up the time by providing some useful and useless information and entertainment. Some say it’s a idiot box and some say it’s a intellectual box.

It's true that TV has it’s roles in both domains As most of the things has. I mean It is an idiot box or an Intelligent box too, depending upon the person who use It. For example News Channel are providing lots of info related to finance, property, debate on national and international issues but also the same news channel provides useless information too.


Now if we talk about the main thing "IMPACT".

Whether one is using it in any way. The one who is using it get affected. Especially the youngster watching M TV etc, they use the same language as is used there, all the time M TV roadies, spilt villas are discussed rather than politics like things. The impact is they are not developing any sense for our country, not doing some useful thing, wasting of time.If we talk about the ladies of our country, they used to see serial if not that other(sas bahu like serial) from 6:30 evening to sleeping time. Yes of course reality shows(those actually has not any reality.)In that time ladies can talk with their husband, children and grand parents taking them together about their whole day. Or can be discussed some productive topic. Problems can be shared. It was the second impact.

So the back bone of our country the youngster and the ladies (watching serials all the evening and discussing it in kitty party) invest their much of time with TV, and making their role in the development of our country and social life.

The impact of the box depends upon the age group. Kids watches cartoons and they want to fly like shakthiman or super man. They uses abusing language. I do not think we will find any kid watching Ramayana.Even the young India is taking wrong turn, the MTV RODAIES the most popular serial among we guys.What its impact girls using bad words. Boys behaving like hell with girls, politics in friendship. In this generation TV has become almost a part of life for many.But we are in the position to know its impact for good of coming generation.


To a larger extent mega serials influence the families passively. I have largely controlled my mom and she gets to see only two mega serials in the afternoon. The fact is that most women who idle in mega serials also forget to attend to the daily chores. Like cleaning the house or attending to daily chores and all. By the time they attend to the same the afternoon is nearly over and this puts a dampener on the daily rest they get in the afternoons.

Mega serials eat up the night sleep time. Not many would have remembered about some young children kidnapping a fellow and indulging in extortion. This turned out to be a dumb squib and the guy got murdered. Much of this could happen only because the elders were idling in mega serials which end up teaching unnecessary things.

I saw a serial called "shin chan" it is funny yes. but it teaches so many naughty things to kids. Gives so many ideas and i absolutely dislike these serials on kids channel in which teenage kids show so much attitude towards their parents. the way they make fun of their parents and snort their noses has anyone watched sweet sixteen celebrations of rich kids on VH1?.one of the girls called her mom "B****" on national tv .we definitely need better serials.I would rather watch discovery and national geographic .

I get kids at home, animated movies like Krishna, Hanuman etc., Animated Rhymes, Panchatantra stories, Animals, Flowers etc. They love watching them. They almost daily watch Krishna movie. They do not even ask me to switch on the TV neither will watch the TV with us. These cds really make them learn something. I believe our people need a closer look at the telecast of all tv shows And especially which are deglamorising our culture and tradition. I have seen in some ads, how one feel bore about our classical music, thinking a change. How do the people behind these shows and youngsters know the strength of it and secrets behind the western music has influence of our Indian music . By now our own movie industry cause damage in the field theater artists and other traditional skills, now its turn of commercial industry .

I have seen impact of this kind campaign of coke in “SWEDEN" where the tradition of Halloween and Santa clause are bit of strange belief according to these people but unable to resist the dominance of it due to these kind commercialization. I believe these kinds of things will make future generations less informative of ancient knowledge. With mass number of half knowledge in our country in spiritualism this will have an serious impact on our beliefs and tradition which also bring huge disturbances in a families .so I believe there should be regulation on it. We can’t sit and react after the damage is caused and expect a sorry for individuals after the evil thought enter in to fresh un matured mind of our youngsters. We need a law to protect our knowledge.It is true that tv shows and advertisements are using sex and violence as means for cheap popularity and are too much extent becoming successful also. The laws are already in place to control these for example you might have heard about fashion TV been banned by prasar bharti some years ago. Even if we ban these channels have they improve the condition? The answer is big no. The situation demands that youngsters be given proper guidance; they need to be engaged in creative activities, proper knowledge of spiritual texts needs to be imparted to them so that they may take the decision what is right and wrong for them.

In fact, a bigger threat would be internet where objectionable contents are more readily accessible and no child lock could be placed. But we cannot stop using internet otherwise it would hamper the professional growth of an individual.A lot of channels are now adopting programs by merely copying similar programs from their foreign network. It’s an irony that we used to have Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan, BR Chopra's Mahabharat in Television along with serials related to King Vikramaditya. Are we loosing interests in those subjects or is it a planned conspiracy by all channels to sabotage our Indian television viewer's interest?

Impacts of television advertisements:

Before going to discuss the effect of advertisement, let look at importance of advertisement first. There are various ways to aware people about a product. One of them is Advertisement. Now a days, Companies are spending more and more money to advertise the product. Even, the amount spent on advertisement is about 50% of amount spent on product. For Example, the adds that are displayed on television demands lakhs of money for 10-20 seconds adds. In final matches of world cups(in case of cricket),tournaments(in case of tennis)and other sports; The expenditure on advertisements doubles than ordinary days. By observing the above examples, one can predict the prominence of adds in company's growth.Due to the excess time that they get for telecasting news, these people introduced some crappy programs related to crime these days. The other day I was watching this one program( don't want to mention) which was enacted by group of TV artists. These people were showing the way crime was committed and how the convict left a small clue due to which he was caught by the cops and the whole scenario from the start to the end. I seriously think news channels became guide books in showing people how to commit a crime. Take music videos. They are overflowing with half- naked girls who send messages that ignore self respect, and reflect low self-esteem. Despite what we want to believe, these girls are role models for our younger generation. These people not only insult themselves, but they also insult our culture. It is pretty pathetic that I won’t even raise my eyebrow when someone tells me that a sixteen-year-old girl is pregnant. Reason, I got acquainted to listening such news. I'm surprised why exposure towards things is making people expose.

The ads related to beauty and costumes more importantly. Only charming models epitomize these products who may not be necessarily using them. People ignorant of this fall into a misconception that they too turn like the models who epitomize them after using those products. Youth must apprehend that physical appearance should be secondary while character and personality of a person should be primary. By being who you are and being comfortable in your own skin is most important, this shows how much self-esteem and confidence you have in yourself.

There should be two or three class division (grade) for Media. Media such as NDTV (Eng. and Hindi), CNN-IBN, Doordarshan, The Hindu, etc (some regional media) should be given upper grade so that people give importance to the news on them more. I think they deserve this because they have shown some responsibility. The rest of channels who claims to be a news channel (and show all things except News!) should be put on another grade. Unofficially we should call them "Entertainment Media". For business news we could have another section.

Now many say the biggest problem here is that who will give grade? I don't find much difficulty in coming to solution. The media group should itself set some protocols to be followed to remain in top grade and then it is only required to check the action of media in terms of those protocols. I think there is no financial losses for any section here. Only the important news will get importance, which should be the aim. I often see the total different set of "Headlines" in Doordarshan or The Hindu from that of Aaj Tak or India TV. Now, when this is happening then why there should be objection from such Entertainment Media over the grade system?

Media: Newspapers, television, radio, magazines--the actual reportage is media.

Advertising: Sold for the purpose of paying for the existence of the media, often at incredibly high prices. A one-minute commercial on a major special, for example, can cost millions of US dollars (I'm thinking of the SuperBowl as an example, but certainly the World Cup can qualify in other areas of the world.)Why would they squash one story over another? For starters, an advertiser might be getting bad press, and the high-paying advertiser isn't going to be willing to buy space or air time if his product is being smeared even if the reason is for the sake of truth, which is ultimately the goal of journalists on the air or in print. Another reason might be that political agenda is involved. If the publisher or producer says "squash it," the story will be squashed. And why would the editors and writers go along with that? Simple: they want to keep their jobs.The editors and writers who buck the system will not only lose their jobs, they will be blackballed from any meaningful career and find themselves in the outer reaches of small town whatever country, just to try to keep food on the table.

Every single newspaper is structured with a political agenda as a result of its tendency to be aligned with one party or another. Sometime before elections, the newspapers here will attempt to mold public opinion by coming out with endorsements of one candidate or another. That's a fact of American life, but I would imagine that goes on throughout the world in all newspapers.  Each newspaper has been developed, for example, with a particular philosophy and mission statement. Every single copy of that newspaper has been developed with that particular philosophy and mission statement in mind. If you later become discouraged by what you're seeing, and you see it as a constant emphasis of that publication, there is a simple solution: you voice your protests by leaving that publication's circulation and heading to another. You might also write a letter to the editor before doing so as well. The same is true of television and radio, however. You leave. If you don't like their offerings, you voice your protests where they will hear you--in their wallets--because their advertisers will see the circulation/viewers dropping, and they will take their dollars elsewhere.

It is an industry for gosh sakes! In an industry, you've got to get your hands & feet dirty. if everyone grows, in their adolescent years speaking of sex, and drugs and all those things , Is not obvious those guys had started thinking on those lines in their careers as media journalists ? For Pete’s sake, the "younger generation" per se isn't dumb. It’s only a personal choice of what they want to watch. Dare you to watch news on DD when “Sex and the city " is on .so far about the television, the most popular medium. Internet? Forget it. Statistics say that porn is ruling the internet. Newspapers: the parents can't do without reading about deaths and their political parties and all that gory stuff every morning .All in all, my say on it is that we need to, as sensible citizens of planet earth, keep away from what someone has aptly named "the idiot box”


Indian media - curse for nation

Media is fourth pillar of constitution. But it’s not showing any responsibility towards nation. current media only cares about its TRP shows biased news with the influences of politicians or feminists. Media is doing one of the biggest crimes by misguiding public because it has great impacts on public.

media is always used to do negative publicity & is always used to highlight those all topics which is making negative impact on citizen's people distorted the words or incidents and do false sensanalisation in the name of news.They create news rather than showing news.

media is interested only in the below kind of news:

--Ash adn abhisekh saga goes for more than 6 months
--SRK and Aamir fighting
--a boy in a pit, shown for more than 24hours live in many channels
--2girls, intrude into PM's house just up to 1st gate, many channels showed this for about 2-3days
--laughter shows
--Mika kisses Rakhi... a sensational news
--murders n rapes.
--cricket is always on top of it if there no news
--Page 3 news such as what they eat , drink etc.
--superstitious things

media cover these type of news in the filmy style to attract people who don’t watch news channels for information but for entertainment only. in this way they leave away imp news from public

there are 24 hours in a day. Media can cover 100s of news in this time. But media keep on repeating 2-3 news for whole 24 hrs. and these 2-3 news are most of the time just useless.
daily we are reading regarding murder & theft on the first page. but the problem is there is no media to tell about media.Example of good communal relation, gathering between two various communities will occurs in some part of country, media will barely cover it in their news. Media should spread awareness in public towards sports and other fields where we are weak. They should spread awareness towards sports in India as we are very weak in sports.

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