True relationship does not mean d true relationship between two lovers it can be of any types, it can be in b/w friends, parents, cousins, mother n child, or any type of relation that you can think of have one true friend of mine and we never hide anything from each other I know each and every aspect of his life and he knows each every aspect of my life. we have differences in our nature n behavior but we accept each other with each other’s pros n cons. It is all depends on person to person and one most imp thing is that in any of the relationship true relationship exists only when both persons want to make that relationship because it’s never b one sided. t is never an easy task to resolve what goes wrong in an unsuccessful relationship. But here I have tried to figure out some factors which have to be looked and considered with utmost care for the smooth running of a relationship. This is entirely my personal view.


Space: Give your spouse the needed space to sustain individuality. Though relationship is a two-way process, it is composed of individuals and one shouldn't forget his/her own individuality and also not try to hamper the same of the other. Too much control in a relationship sometimes lead to suffocation and then u think that u should be come out of the relation. So, try maintaining the relationship in a way so that it keeps on the individuality of the partners along with the smooth control over it.

Understandability: Understandability plays a key role in a relation. you need to know each other quite well so that in situations when one might feel awkward, the other can handle it to overcome. If there are conflicts in between individual perception, then we should respect each other's opinions rather imposing one's views on the other.Trust: The major role is played in a relation is by trust. Relationship means bond of trust and if u don't trust your partner, you are unfit for a good relation. However, one can take advantage of another’s' trust. In that case also, it will help u to understand that people who r not trustworthy r not suitable for relationships and u should try to avoid them.

Ego: Another important thing to look carefully in a relationship is individual ego. Everybody should have ego, but that should not be allowed to outplay the relationship bond. In a relation, ego should have the lower priority. The prime preference should be what is good for the relation. May be in doing so, sometimes it hurts your ego, but the best part of it is that when u show that your relationship is above your ego, then it moves towards a quite sustainable position, where conflicts can hardly cause damage to it. Each and every one of us has people in our lives that can be difficult, and sometimes even hard to be around. It could be a spouse, a friend, or a child, a brother or sister, or even a co-worker.
Relationships are hard at times, and sometimes very complicated and hard to maintain happiness and structure. They have their ups and downs just like anything else, but it is the way you choose to approach the difficult situation that will define its outcome.

altIt is all about how you choose to react. Every emotion that you throw into the mix is your choice. If you want to be mean and resentful or even hurtful in this sensitive situation, then that is your choice... I am not sure if it is a very good one, but never the less, it is your choice.You can also approach it with kindness and understanding. You do not always have to have cement shoes on and stay steadfast on your position. You may not agree with the other person, but a calm, soft approach is always better than being the aggressor.

If people would just listen more and try to be understanding to the other person's point of view, there would be a whole lot less controversy amongst people, and the world would be at peace.
If we accept that:
1) We cannot love one person forever
2) We cannot be loved by the same person forever
3) We can make the most out of the love/attraction we have at the current moment,
then the world will be a lovely place and no one will ever get hurt from relationship.

Relationships are such a challenge because life pulls us in opposite directions at the same time.Our personality feels the need to be unique and special and so our focus lies on how we are different from others. Differences hold the potential to create conflict.At the same time, our souls live through connection with others.We are challenged to rise above our personal preferences to discover how we and the other are the same.Our overall need lies in balancing these two tendencies.

Life is nothing but your reactions to the different situations you encounter every moment. When you have taken birth, your life starts taking turns, it starts moving, running and even jumping as per your reactions, which come out of your thoughts. A person becomes as he thinks actually. Life is nothing but a phenomena, a process of thinking, reacting and doing!

Relationships are the bonds that develop between individuals. These bonds cannot be seen but can only be felt. In simple words, these are the bonds of attachments. Life starts appearing simple if it is lived with relationships. Moreover, it is said that more the relationships, better the life. Relationships not only increase your social circle but they also show you new paths and ways of the desired life. We all want to be happy; we all want to be satisfied. What actually happens is that you have to put some effort, for your own happiness. You have to perform certain works; certain activities that will help you attain praises, compliments and good wishes, which make you happy, satisfied.

This clearly means that you are dependent upon others for Your happiness. This is MY life, MY happiness, and then why it is with other people, who don’t even share my soul, my body. I was born alone; others had not participated with my birth, and then why my happiness is with them? Why only they can make me satisfied? Why they can change my life?

Relationships are your bonds that you have kept in order to attain satisfaction, in order to console yourself that although you have taken birth alone but now when you are surviving in the society, you are not alone. There are many people, as per your thinking, who love you, who care for you and who can do many things for you. But the reality is that they wont do anything. They are just there because they also wish to attain happiness by having relationships, just as you. This clearly means that society is just a circle of greed, wants and lusts. You want something and you play games to win that. You want

You want something and you play games to win that. You want something for your satisfaction, which is with other people! Don’t you think it is quite strange? Our happiness, our satisfaction is with ourselves only. What you require is realizations. You have to realize, you have to feel the things around you. You have to be conscious. You have to be aware; you have to listen the sounds of nature. Because every sound is a signal. Every sound in nature whether it is of birds, trees and sky, all have messages and sounds of love, fear, humor, emotions etc. You only need to listen them. You don’t need other people to guide on your life. This is just your life, so why others should govern it?
The rule is, “Forget others and live with yourself. When I say with yourself, I say so because up till now you all are living with others i.e. your life’s emotions, your life’s reactions are dependent upon them. You become happy and sad on their actions due to your reactions. Now start living with yourself, unbothered about others. Let them call you greedy, mean and selfish. Because in reality, you will not be, rather you will be free from the bonds that you had created earlier for the desire of your satisfaction. Now your happiness is with you only. Life is really beautiful, it only needs to be maintained and clarified. You are the creator of your world, so create it according to you, so that you can consider yourself KING OF THE WORLD, which finally, surely you will become!”

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