simplicity is a small word but the most beautiful. It is the song of a bird, a brush of a gentle breeze the love that you receive, being content and grateful for what you have not aping others or comparing yourself to others because if you do that you will always have less.The closer you are to nature and God, the simpler life is. If you are mesmerized by the material world you can get sucked up in an abyss of never-ending wants. With fleeting moments of happiness and lots of misery as you become a slave to the material world.

Simplicity is the real power of you
simplicity is the essence of life 
simplicity is what you are
simplicity is what makes you special for yourself
simplicity is what makes you feel satisfied with yourself
simplicity is within the person. It its the heart of beauty


 It gives a dynamic energy to is the best within you. simplicity can speak more than those thousands of words.Noone can help you wid it it the beauty of scilence .It is for those who are for a reason .Don’t know why simplicity so honourable.simplicity attract everyone eve more than those thousand of makeover .People says beauty lies in simplicity. Simplicity to me is a result of profound thought, this despite the fact that i am a bit complex myself. if a person is simple that implies either he is a lay man or a man of wisdom because confusion, and half knowledge are simply simplicity killers. simplicity, for some it may be the hardest thing to carve ones life about, for other it may be the life of lesser living humans who according to them could not evolve enough to get in to the tinted.simplicty, better perceive it as: ultra practical lifestyle, a life lived on truth, soberness, love, decency, greatness, and on and on. Basically its beautiful.

I have always admired simple people and i love being one, so all hands down, "it’s the coolest thing and it clearly is a winner". Purity and simplicity are the two wings with which man soars above the earth and all temporary nature. The main purpose of science is simplicity and as we understand more things, everything is becoming simpler. Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity.

The most basic thing is simple mind. Simplicity in thoughts means being free from all foxy cleverness. Simplicity is natural. Simplicity will not appeal to those who have made their life superficial, whose vision is habituated with superficiality. Simplicity is always combined with sweetness,. They can not remain alone / separated. Simplicity with wisdom is a masterpiece.A simple mind means free from complicated thoughts, strenuous thoughts. A simple mind is innocent of disturbance and weakness. Only a simple mind can enjoy super sensual joy. The more the burden of complex thoughts one has the less experience of joy and freedom he will experience. Simplicity means economy. It makes clear when we are going to purchase unnecessarily. Gorgeous luxurious life creates other complications like comparison, greed and false sense of self recognition. A simple being can only recognize inner beauty. The whole world defines beauty in terms of fashion and such things.

Hence Simplicity means the achievement of maximum effect with minimum means."

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