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 We live in a country where the worst of decisions maybe applauded by a certain section of a crowd. This is nothing strange as the working of governments in India is not that an easy job. This is one of the most typical jobs for governments to keep themselves stable due to coalitions and mixed parties rulings. Ruling parties generally take the risk of getting unpopular just to stay glued in power. If we look at the past year this shows clearly that this was one of the worst year for the present government. Moreover, the present year I going to be the most testing time for our policymakers because there is so much to do for them before the real tests comes for them in the beginning of 2014 in the shape of general elections.

There is so much to do for the poor and needy, like the petroleum, products which are getting costlier so irrationally, must be the priority besides the bill pending for the street wanders which would permit tens of millions small shopkeepers to work on the pavements and footpaths. Although this is not a good move if we look at this with the traffic point of view but while it comes to fundamental rights of people to live and eat then this is some thing which the government may decide in favor of small business persons and this may become a bill this year. Actually to make things right the government shall have to work out a way to see that diesel used in a proper way and no subsidy utilized apart from agricultural use.

As we all know that governments can show any data which indicates that the poverty is reducing despite the fact that the rate of inflation is going up at an alarming rate. The picture is so very dangerous at the ground level that the point of total failure of mechanism is at the sta government ke. Thehas failed miserably and not doing well. Let us hope that they will see to it and would try their best to fulfill the expectations of public in this current fiscal to make required amendments. This is one of the most appropriate times of this government’s tenure to come forward and take some steps, which brings system back to some extent of normalize the situation. Acquirement of land is one such issue which certainly needs handling on priority basis.

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I agree that we have adapted to modernization but at the same time, we have not forgotten the basic values of our own culture and values, which we inherited from our ancestors. This is one of the factors, which enable us to understand shortcomings of the steps not right for us. Still there are many problems, which we might face while trying to achieve the targets. One of the biggest tasks in front of us is to convince the majority of the rural public, which looks its future in cities, to keep them, stay back in their respective places. That is possible only when the government may make them feel that they can have a life as good as they are expecting in cities, but that is real tough task. The villagers find it too lucrative to come and stay in cities despite the fact that they are being cut off from their roots and living in extreme conditions.

Our main hope the women and elderly
There is one very positive sign that we can see today is that our women folks are coming ahead with their full might and strength and doing their best despite many shortcomings. They are achieving professional expertise in many fields and giving men a tough competition in every field of life. That is very positive sign but the darker side of the fact is that they are being overconfidence and taking some steps, which are not showing them off in a good light. Alright they are full of confidence and that is a good sign again and not only that women are doing good but the men are also doing their best to make them self-sufficient and doing their best to make them reach to their destinations. Let us take it this way that the coming years are going to be the best years for the perfect understanding and co-existence for both of them. The only problem seems to be at the front of cast and marriages based on love especially when the Love-jihad comes in to the picture. The new social structure seems to be on the cards in a very near future The most important factor today related to women is modernization. They have to decide about it which needs an urgent solution by them, yes, this is some thing only they can visualize in its true value and its effects, it’s utility. Do they really need it in its present form? Do they really think this is their body and they are, authorized to use it for marketing purpose? Are they serious about making its commercial use? I was on a forum recently where this was one of the topics, we discussed it widely. Many women present on this particular topic were very aggressively trying to convince other members about right to use their body the way they liked. I agree this is their right but then there should be some limit to that, not fixed by authorities but by themselves.

I have full confidence that the present era is going to be the golden period of our respected women folks when they will achieve the ultimate and reach further to the top of the table, which is the ultimate of any developed society. A happy woman is the symbol of a healthy society. The way the women are going forward and understanding the value of the elderly people in their family is all along a new ray hope for elderly people. Let us hope that our society will bring them closer and they would not feel cut-off from the social life.

This is one of the most sensitive topics in today’s viewpoint. Politics as I understand is the main tool that keeps a firm control on governments and administration. This is supposed to be one of the instruments that control the life of public of any country. This is for the public, by the public and for the welfare of the public. Unfortunately, our politics and politicians do not understand their responsibility as expected from them. Moreover, to top it all, they have no sense of responsibility while it comes to understand their accountability toward the public. I am again hopeful that the time has come when they shall be more sincere, understand their liability in this matter, and do their best for the purpose they were, selected for the different houses to make life easy for public.

One of the most important sectors of any country is its economy; unfortunately, the market of India is not as established as it looks like. The inflation rate is eating-up every thing that our private and agricultural sectors are trying to provide it. The red tapes and corruption is at its peak therefore the good work, which should be visible, clearly is nowhere to, be seen. I would not take up this subject here, as this is too wide and complicated issues to be discussed here. However, I can only write only a few facts, which are going to keep us back and would not let us go ahead with full force as we lack in basic infrastructure and we are not at all serious about them. Roads and electricity are the basic items, which would make us feel so short of target, and the worst part is that we are not serious about them and least prepared.

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