The education system in India is what compromises the Knowledge and excellent database we have in form of Books. Our books and syllabus beats most countries . They work on a easier syllabus and the same is not designed to get optimum efforts from the kid v/s their age. However we have a database or a poll of subjects that definitely is versatile. It is not the best way to learn, as everyone is not excellent in every subject. Our system does not allow students to specialize at a early age.


It does not rate students on the subjects they excel in, Our system requires every student to know everything and be multi talented to become a topper. Most toppers dont make it to the ladder as they score good in everything. Its a jack of all master of none situation.

However we do carry a knowledge base that most countries don't manage to get. Then what blocks the growth of students, Why do we have 100% education only in a single state. Why do students drop out. Why is it, that students don't make it to graduation in a lot of cases.  Why is everyone not benefited from the exams and education and passing a grades in India. Why is education no assurance to knowledge in our country. Which is the one link that is missing. Knowledge is impared by the giver, The giver in our education system is the Teacher. "GURU" trying

Teachers are trained to bring everyone to a level of common understanding, they learn techniques and methods of explaining the same text in different forms. They learn how to teach. Their education and experience is all about making students understand. They are suppose to be experts in talking the kids language.

Our school system has most teachers, not all, Most teachers who get satisfied only by ex planing to a group of bright students. They are okay with having 14 students passing in a group of 60. They are okay with having the same person rank first every year. They don't challenge the young minds to perform better. They don't expect the students to grow out of their fears. They dont want to work hard on students who don't perform in the class, it takes personal initiative to do that . It is expected that the Parents and the tution teachers will take that initiative. Not all parents are educated, not everyone can afford a tuition. What happens to those unfortunate some. They work on easy techniques of letting anyone who raise the hand answer, and scold and beat the one who does not show interest. Why does he not show interest, How can I make my class more interesting. How can I get the attention of my audience.


Everyone is a graduate, everyone had a English Teacher, but only few know grammer. Every one had a Maths teacher but only a few managed to solve Trignometry. Teaching is an Art, but how many teachers actually learn this art. How many of them practise it. And how many go that extra mile.

India is the country that invented ZERO, but we would need another Dronacharya to teach what Aryabhatta invented. Why do we assume, that the student who does not get the mark is dull or does not understand. The teacher should be considered at fault for not being able to teach in the kids language. I guess, because this fact is unrealised we have Chattee classes and a Brilliant academy. Going to classes have become a fashion, Classes eat up all the time the kids have, leaving them with no energy to play. Which in turn results in under naturist kids and thus making them face all health challenges. Students consider studies a burden put on them rather than the foundation of their future

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