Listen to your own self

I wanted t write this article in first person that would allow me as a narrator to write using variations of 'I' or ‘me’ but as we know that sounds odd on writing article sites for it makes the article lesser attractive for Google, the search engine, so I will go with the standard practice of writing in my usual way. (But I will take the liberty to use ‘first person option’ when necessary).

We all know that the opinion of others is worth its value but one knows best how he feels best about himself. One must listen to his own voice and deal accordingly, there is no use asking for help from others for smallest of your problems. You will maybe get help but at what cost? At your own devaluation in others’ eyes! You will get help but you will get away from your inner voice, so why not try to help your own cause and save yourself from embarrassment! 

We often meet people having a common complaint that they cannot go on with their existing problems. They feel they have had enough and cannot go ahead without someone showing them the right path. Here I want to use narration in first person as a trainer who deals with at least 20-25 professionals during the training session, some of them are not happy with their job and wish to resign at the first opportunity. They ask for my opinion and in some cases my help. In fact a lady married for four years asked a straight forward question in the morning session today- I am not happy with my husband should I file a divorce case. 

I do not know about her but that took me bit aback. But I know in certain conditions people find them alone and feel disappointed. They reach to a point where they see no way out and look for someone to solve problems for them. But the truth is the opinion you seek from others is within you. The need is to listen to your own self and look deeper within your own self. You will find a right answer that will be far superior to what you’re expecting from outsiders.

We know the right answer 

Yes we know the right answer but do not accept it until someone endorses it for you. Let me give you an example, if you ask me my age and I say I am eighty, you will not take it. Suppose I amend my answer and say I am sixty-four you will still not believe me but if I say I am 53, the chances are you will take it. You know what I mean, you knew the answer but wanted to listen it from my mouth. So, now I have told you what you wanted to listen, you immediately nodded in agreement. To be frank, you were waiting for the words that matched with your own anticipation. 

In fact, when we feel confused and seek an opinion we ask questions but in most cases we believe the answers which we already had in our mind even before we heard the answers from someone else. However the truth remains that we always wanted to listen what we thought was right. There is another point that can be added here is that we seek help to feel we are not alone but someone cares for us or ready to help us through our problems.

 I have no hesitation in saying that I do not mind when someone does not agree to my suggestions because I am not a professional counselor, ( I have been hired on part time basis by my company to teach them professional ethics).  But I can understand the disappointment of professional counselors when their clients refuse to agree to their suggestions. But I can understand the mentality of my students who do not listen to my opinion because they never wanted to listen to what I told them. In fact they wanted to listen to what they had in their mind but I did not say that. Actually they had the solution in their mind but they were not sure. 

You always wanted to be happy

If you wish to make your day memorable that should not be a problem for you. Just keep these three points in your mind-

1- I suggest you to read two news every day, a good one and other a bad one. The bad news is you cannot compel anyone to love you, like you or accept all your decisions and the good news is that makes no difference.  

2- Actually, you can see people in every field of life who love creating problems in almost everything they participate in. Such people know how to attract attention but you have no reason to get distracted from your chosen path just because some people believe in dramatics. But you need not give them any attention but it is better to ignore them. 

3- Don’t let yourselves limited to keep looking at the cover of the book but open it and read it as the matter that will enhance your knowledge is all there inside the book. The need is to take the specs off and look beyond color, size and the figure. You will see the inner beauty which is far superior to what you see from outside. I have always had my strong belief in the saying that “the things look different once you change the way you look at them.


If you have a firm faith in your own thoughts then you think in terms of, ‘I said to myself…’. Yes, there lies the solution of all problems. Once you start believing in yourselves all problems look so very small. It is good to seek opinions or should I say second opinions, it is always good to gain knowledge from everywhere but in the end it is you, only you the best guide who can solve your problems. Actually once you learn saying something to your own self then there remains no problem. 

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