Smile- The Secret of Life 

There is no particular reason to smile although it’s not easy to smile during painful situations or when you’re facing the difficult phase of life but if you manage to smile at such times you will instantly reduce some of your troubles if not all. I can quote hundreds of sayings at this moment but what I recall best at this moment is what I read Charlie Chaplin a long time ago. He said something to this effect,

“There are lots of problems in my life but my lips are unknown to them”. 

We all face situations when everything was going well in our life but suddenly something bad happened and an unexpected problem impeded the movement or hampered the smooth running of life. There are times when we face the question of survival deep within us. There are times when you feel ‘why I have to face so many troubles in my life, why me?’ But you’re not alone, there are thousands other facing problems in their life but the difference is they are able to manage their troubles behind a smile. 

If you ask me about how you manage to live looking so cool then there is a simple answer for your query. Look at what you have in your hands and I suggest here to forget what you have already lost, because it will not come back. There is no use weeping for dead as your cries will increase your own problem, but won’t bring them back. You won’t forget your dear ones for rest of your life but if weeping could bring them back I don’t think anyone was ever going to die. I suggest you should live in the present and try to find your happiness availing what you have in your hands.

You feel bad when you see someone suffering from illness for a long time and you help him as best as you can, you provide him with financial support, moral support. But the things change when you find yourself in similar situation that is the time your real test begins when your mental peace, money and health is on stake and facing them successfully becomes the condition of survival. Here lies the secret of smile if you can still manage to smile you will manage to face your problems without many problems. 

Self-Love and a Loving Smile

A loving smile can change your life and that also helps increase your overall health but bigger changes come in our lives when we learn the art of loving ourselves. In other words the art of loving to our own self takes us to a point where we learn about our qualities. I have been training young professionals and teaching them art of self-motivation for 4 years now and reached to the conclusion that there is no better solution for any problem than ‘self-love’.  I suggest you read Shailene Woodley – 

I think the most important thing in life is self-love, because if you don't have self-love, and respect for everything about your own body, your own soul, your own capsule, then how can you have an authentic relationship with anyone else? - Shailene Woodley

I am sure you loved reading her in fact, once you know this secret you find yourself at a point from where you can move forward with lot of self-confidence. People see their entire way of living changed, feeling better, have a better outlook and find all their problems solved with lesser efforts. They find improvement in their relations or even better understanding with a positive attitude.  

Loving ourselves has nothing to do with selfishness but it teaches us the art of cleaning some of the bad habits and negativity hidden within us and showing us the way of how to love others in the process. I don’t think anyone will contradict my statement that while you’re happy inside you feel the whole world is beautiful we can go out and help anyone or everyone. If you ask me, self-love is no lesser than self praising ourselves in the sense that we learn about hidden truths during our self analysis and accept ourselves with all our weaknesses and qualities. 

I don’t believe that we are complete in all respects but if we know who we are with all honesty and still love ourselves we tend to do better in every field of life with more sincerity. And the best part of ‘self-love’ is you do not have to impose any conditions on yourself. Self-Love works as stepping stone when crossing troubled time of life. 

The Smile

It was our organizational annual meeting of all the area managers at Bangalore office, but some of us were confident because we had come to Bangalore with a good track record but at the same time some of us were not as confident or looking gloomy and uncertain. We were all set for opening address by our CEO who had come to attend the meeting from Germany.

I was watching one of the area manager meeting everyone with a sweet smile, full of confidence and full of self-confidence. At that moment, I was sure he had completed his target and was expecting an appreciation from the seniors. But I was wrong, he had not reached his target but still had not given up his smile or lost his self-confidence. No one thought he had not reached his stipulated target unless he told it himself. I am sure I will never forget his gesture for rest of my life.

Smile has its own power

That’s right, the smile has its own powers and if you wish to believe Don Brown he says, ‘a person with strong character and full of self-confidence can smile even in adverse conditions and can achieve the toughest of targets in the end. The best gift that a person can have is his smile and the one blessed with the gift of smile can win hearts and battles alike.  

There is no doubt about the fact that a person is as good as his thoughts are and they show in our behavior. There is also no doubt that when a person fails in his mission it takes him lots of efforts for getting out of the disappointing situation but that is not impossible. Positive attitude brings us closer besides your people around you try to help us come out of our difficult times. The only condition is one has to keep his smile intact and facial expressions right. 

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