There is a quote" First impression is the best impression" but the fact is that sometimes the first impression is your only impression-you may not get another opportunity to make your impression again.So we must make sure that we make a significant impact on our first impression.First impression is essential,be it an interview,a conversation or a meeting.

Here are some quick tips for making a better first impression.

Eye contact is very essential.Wandering your eyes away from an person only distracts the person and makes an impression that you regret to be having a conversation with that person.

Make eye contact half or two thirds of the time.Too much eye contact may be falsely perceived as a person who is stubborn.

Make sure you pay attention to your body language when you are talking and when you are listening.

When you are speaking, make sure you use your hands, making small gestures and also give some facial expressions.All these will make the person more interested in listening you.No one likes to watch a stone walled person giving a speech before them.

When you are listening, as mentioned before make sure you have eye contact and also nod every now and then so that you can convey the message that you are interested in what you are listening to.

A smile comes a long way in making an impression.Even faking a smile at the right time makes a lot of difference.By having a smile now and then(don't laugh, just smile) you tend to make the conversation and the person before you more friendly.

Also a smile must be a sincere one that conveys the message "Today is a great day and I'm happy to send time with you".It must not convey the message "This is so boring, finish the speech/conversation soon"

Be careful of sharing your personal ideas and things about personal life.Most often, when you talk about your personal ideologies or about your personal life. people tend to get bored.Keep it light, keep it positive.Remember, no one is going to be interested of what your pet's name is, when you are speaking to them for the first time!

A little flattery is good.But overdoing it , seriously affects your impression.People who are warm toward others,giving others compliments have more chances to have a successful conversation with anyone.Compliments given with sincerity is good.But compliments said just for flattery may sometimes lead to trouble!.

Use simple and plain words while speaking,avoid using complex words or complex meaning sentences.make sure you use some top notch quotes and some examples when and where necessary.These will make sure that you convey the message "I'm well prepared for this speech/conversation".

One of the most importance of making a good impression is to be a good speaker and a good listener.No one likes to be in an one sided conversation.When you are supportive to give the person to express their views, you make sure that the conversation is interactive and interesting.

Check your impulses to use the name of the person before you.It's a way to bridge an intellectual gap.make sure that you address them with respect every now and then like Mr.X or Ms.X and so on and so forth.

And finally never appear in a normal mood, every now and then show a variety of gestures,don't be thoughtful to use your arms, don't hesitate to make gestures and expression since a conversation with zero expression is downright boring.

The next time you want to make an significant impact-the first impression ,let it be your best impression.

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